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Random thoughts brought to light

July 26, 2014

Enjoying the first sun in weeks!

As my eyes opened this morning panic struck because I thought the cabin was on fire. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my pants and boots and headed for the stairs. The adrenaline pumping was enough to start to clear some of the fog that clouds my mind each morning and halfway down the stairs I realized it wasn’t a fire it was…..the sun!

Funny how we react to things that we haven’t seen in a long time. With the cabin situated on the side of a hill facing East in normal years when the sun rises it fills the place with what seems like massive ‘flood lighting’. So after being deprived of sunlight for so many weeks while I was down having my morning coffee I thought I would soak up some vitamin “D”. Coffee time during the summer usually is a time I ponder topics for this blog. So today while enjoying God’s silent gift many thoughts rumbled through my mind and I decided to just write them out, unfinished as they are, for your consideration.

*I find myself wondering what may be causing the strange summer we are having. I know in past years there have been weeks of continuous rain during the summer but never anything like this. In the past I have thought the people running around like chicken little saying ‘climate change’ were nuts……but when one doesn’t see the sun for 22 of the last 26 days it makes me wonder.

*Our Primary elections are coming up in less than a month and I have looked into the background of the candidates and decided who I will vote for. However there must be an evil angle sitting on my shoulder because I keep hearing in my head..’no matter who I vote for it won’t make any difference’. Have we come to a time when indeed no matter who we vote for it will not change the mess out state and nation is in? If so what can ‘we the people do’?

*Does it sometimes seem like we are truly living in the ‘Twilight Zone’, where our government continually supports groups that want to destroy the United States? First it was the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt then al-Qaeda in Libya.

*Does our President seriously think that ‘sanctions’ will stop Russia from its expansion in the Ukraine?

*Doesn’t it seem strange that tens of thousands of teenage boys and girls are capable of traveling thousands of miles through jungles and deserts, living off little or no food and then they say they are not able to survive in their own country?

*And lastly of course we still have the problem that will destroy our economy…government spending. Has anyone noticed very little is heard from our representatives about this lately? Could it be that with the November elections approaching they think if they get tough on spending they will not get re-elected. Of course it doesn’t stop our President from calling for a multi billion dollar spending bill for the suffering children who are illegally flooding across our boarders. I say how about closing the border or at the very least deport everyone entering illegally.

Our constitution states
“…whenever any form of government becomes destructive
….it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it,
and to institute new government.”

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  1. July 27, 2014 9:14 am

    Pete, this post appeals to me today, especially the picture of you standing in the sun with mug in hand. It fills me with memories of standing in the sun, mug in hand, on a dock – on a beach – on a boat, and just surveying my surroundings. Peace. Quiet. Birds. Breeze. The smell of nothing but heather and tide and evergreen, all warmed in the sun and life exactly as it should be. With regard to your second musing, it’s easy to succumb to “it doesn’t make any difference what I think, say, do, or how I vote,” when it seems every politician has a crook hiding inside. Surely someone out there running for office has had the same thoughts most of us do, that all it takes is a hardy soul to persevere and chip away at the corruption. Maybe in the end that person will turn coat and become just like the rest, but perhaps the effort to that point will have made progress for change. The groups our government supports are one and the same in the end – wrong-doing, evil, corrupt, self-serving – just known by different names. It behooves us to stand back and look at recent history, and map the direction we take each time we take sides. Sanctions have become the wrist-slap of the century; worthless, effortless, and a waste of time, but in the end they serve a purpose toward the New World Order, a “Pass Go” card in the global game of Monopoly. Food. Sustenance. I’ve made an observation that appalls me – we Americans are gluttons. many of my guests see a buffet as “all you can eat” rather than an offering of choices. Eight pounds of bacon prepared for 20 people will appear to 15 as an invitation to put a pound of pork on their plates, and then they’ll wonder why there’s not enough. Just like the saying, “the more you make, the more you spend,” we seem not to be able to control our urges to take, consume, overindulge – and so it doesn’t seem that difficult to figure out why our government continues to spend. Wouldn’t it be something if the IRS really was abolished? The hue and cry over the death of so many programs would be deafening. We’ve become a nation of citizens that no long do for themselves because the government has created a program to do for us. Which would be an excellent way for a New World Order to render the Great United States of America impotent and nonthreatening to what lies ahead. Our people, the majority of Americans, while they protest one thing, they’ll defend their right to receive the other. Republicans, Democrats, it’s all the same agenda called One Side or The Other. Murkowski sells out for the the Native Vote, Begich has his own flip-flops, and the populace of this state is made up of folks who DESIRE what afflicts the rest of this Union. All you can do, any of us with any sort of clear vision of one thing or another, is to stand up, stand your ground, live as purposefully as you can the life you would defend to the end. It’s all of that, and if folks aren’t already realizing it’s fast becoming too late for change, all the more reason to expect a hastening of what’s to come. On that note, I’m going to see if I can find some ripe berries…


  2. August 1, 2014 1:54 pm

    I keep coming back to look at that photo – love days like that.


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