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Global warming hits Alaska

July 6, 2014

Snow on America’s highest mountain, Denali, has been observed melting!


Too hot for lemonade?

Of course the snow is melting (a little) on America’s highest mountain, it is after all summer in Alaska. When I lived in Philadelphia August was the hot, humid, ‘dog days’ of summer, but here at the cabin high summer struck yesterday when the temperature passed the 80 degree mark. Yes I know my son in Texas is smiling right now thinking he would love to have 80 degrees for summertime high but this is Alaska….right?

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while know, except for the cost of heating oil, I love the winters in Alaska. My mantra of ‘no bugs, bears and tourists’ would be a tattoo on my body if I wasn’t such a coward. You know it is warm for me when I am seriously considering a road trip South to Anchorage or Talkeetna where the high temp’s are only reaching 70 degrees, even though it would cost about three hundred bucks.

Today was the first step to full summer for me because I had to bring in my refrigerator, ( cooler), from the entry way, to inside the cabin, because it was a few degrees cooler and the ice would melt slower. The final step for me, designating full summer, is to plug in my fan and try and think about the fact that it should be fall in about 7 weeks.

No….its not global warming melting the snow on Denali
just another summer here on the edge of heaven

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  1. July 7, 2014 6:22 am

    Hey Pete – Love to have ya visit but sadly if you came on Friday or Saturday of last week you’d have seen 83.0 F and 85.3 F respectively. Of course those were the two warmest days in 2014 – at least to this point – and I sure hope we don’t see any more temps above 75 F! Yesterday we had rain most of the day and it never broke 63 F so it was a lot better although I went to bed with the main floor windows open and arose to find it nice and cool at 58 F but also 82% RH!! Needless to say the house is now closed up with the dehumidifier running which sadly will increase the interior temp by maybe another 10 F but in so doing will drop the RH back to maybe 55%. I can handle relative humidity up to the middle 60’s indoors but when it gets much above 70% I’m not happy. As to the snow melting on Denali…we’ve been doing a regular ‘climbing weather’ forecasts on KTNA since late May and its regularly been snowing from 12k feet to the summit and the air temps have been running between 10 F at the lower elevations to -15 F at the peak. And when it snows above 12k feet its been dropping a foot or more so Denali is in no danger of losing its snow cover despite what the global warming whiners might be pushing..! In fact, last I’d heard the summit rate was a measly 33% due to the nasty cold and snow; that’s one of the lowest summit rates in many, many years!


  2. July 8, 2014 8:48 am

    Solstice means fall is coming. Just the mention that in seven weeks we’re out of the tourist season and into hunting, berry-picking, final wood-gathering, and general stocking up has been underway and we’ll be looking for first frost and snowflakes. In a few short weeks I’ll know if my return to bush life will end up where I’ve stuck the pin in the map, or if the quest is still on for the particular piece that catches my eye. Regardless, the end of summer heralds the best part of any year – no bugs, no bears, no tourists; all of the above.


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