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Changing the face of our nation…one executive order at a time

June 7, 2014

cave-dweller-humanFor generations when the oldest boy had proven he was a man he was given the task to head Northward in search of a new home for his family and the their clan. For a month now Unk had walked Northward in that search, understanding only that this is what the eldest boy did because his people needed a more futile land in which to plant their food. His family had lived in their present location for many years and word had spread that things were warming further North and that it was time for the people to move.

Unk understood very little except that the crops they were planting now did not produce as much food as before because the weather had become drier and hotter. Ever since Unk was a small boy he has heard, from the elders, stories of the wall of solid water to the North and now he was heading toward that wall. Besides Unk knew water was never solid like rocks or trees so the elders must be making that up. As the days past the temperature had grown colder but still he ‘knew’ water could not be solid.

On the third day of the second month of his travels he was fighting through some densely packed tree sized grasses when he finally broke through to face the unimaginable. As he looked skyward for as far as he could see was the wall of blue and white his elders spoke of. Unk fell to his knees as he realized that he was standing in water melting from that wall.


Our planet has undergone many cycles of extreme temperature change over the millennium, even to the extent that what is now New York was once covered by the Laurentide ice sheet. The opposite, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by scientific discoveries, also holds true, where an ocean once covered parts of what is now called Utah and the interior of the united states embraced a massive desert.

Call it climate change or global warming the earth has been cycling between ice and desert for hundreds of thousands of years, and our President’s executive order will not make the slightest difference to either of these. It will however raise the cost of electricity for tens of thousands of Americans and yes it will force many energy companies to shut down or modify their coal burning power plants, but it will not change the earths temperature one degree!

When we are faced with countries like China and India, (building 4 power plants a week), who’s massive number of power plants generate their power from coal, what effect will converting a hundred American power plants have on global temperature or global pollution? Many will say it is a first step in the right direction, I say one large forest fire will produce more heat and carbon emissions than the closing of every coal plant in the United States for a year.

If the president believes so strongly in reducing carbon emissions why not shut down all power plants including those using oil as well as the ones that use coal? The answer is simple you need electricity for you daily life and he knows there would be open rebellion if he even talked about executive orders in this direction.

Right now there is no complete solution to the problem of global pollution but there are some ways to greatly reduce that pollution. Power plants run at a level equal to our energy demands, so you and I must drastically cut back on our usage of this power. If each one of use cut our energy usage by 25% our power plants emissions would be cut by the same 25%.

Until a scientist somewhere discovers how to make fusion energy a reality,
this is the only way we will truly lower America’s carbon emissions.

Fusion test reactor

Fusion test reactor

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  1. June 8, 2014 5:04 am

    Hey Pete – I’ve been eagerly watching the progress of fusion research since the early 70’s and if there’s one thing that’s been common across those four plus decades its the technology has been long on hype and short on results. We are getting closer to getting more out of a fusion reaction then we put in – the signal we have achieved a sustainable fusion reaction – but harnessing such power is probably 50 or more years distant. Without question mastering fusion would be a God Send as it would provide cheap and plentiful power and an off shoot called the ‘fusion torch’ could take care of all our waste issues including the vexing problem of the building amount of highly toxic fission based debris. I believe fusion is the power source we should be banking on. As to the climate change I’m right with you; we do not know enough about the earth’s climate shifts across hundreds of thousands of years to accurately define what’s happening now. Heck, we only just proved the effects of the solar ‘climate’ shifts on earth within the last 20 years. I do not doubt the earth’s temperature is warming; I’ve seen enough evidence and experienced enough myself to confirm this belief. But I am not yet ready to say just how much is due to human activity as versed with what’s being caused by earth based geologic and meteorological shifts. What we need on this topic is pure science free of politics, spin and hidden agendas…


  2. Raven permalink
    June 8, 2014 5:37 pm

    Your writing is great!!


  3. June 12, 2014 9:07 pm

    Last night, frost in the Fairbanks area, the latest in 45 years. Ah yes, global warming at its finest.


  4. June 13, 2014 6:10 pm

    Global warming is not a problem. And pollution is not a problem in the U.S. According to data through 2012, our country has done a phenomenal job of lowering pollution by 62% over the last 2 decades. Yet the enviro-fanatics continue to act like America has done nothing and is facing a crisis. Please check out the graph in this article.
    – Jeff


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