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I have a dream

May 6, 2014

….money is the oxygen that ensures corrupt government.

I had a dream the other night and it was all fiction. I knew it could never happen but it would be the solution to many of our nations woes. Unlike most of my dreams this one stuck with me after I woke up and even now as I type this posting bits and pieces bubble to the surface. Now in the glaring light of day when I examine my dream I see the improbability of what my mind has created. However I can not fathom why someone has not come up with this idea before, since it is simple and would cost not one penny to insure that no one can buy an election.

Political advertising

One rock solid incontrovertible solution to politicians ‘buying’ elections is to ban all political advertising. Yes I know it is virtually an impossibility but one can dream. Since the federal government already gives politicians money for their elections why not make that the only money they can access and add a law that says they can not in any form whatsoever advertise. I would also ensure that NO one else, either a person or a PAC could also do any political advertising. In fact there should be no promoting of the election other than regulated debates between candidates and town meetings where the candidate, because of no advertising, must be on the campaign trail for most of the time leading up to the election.

If were to allow contributions I would place a lowered ceiling on these donations and also a limit on the total amount a candidate can raise and spend in each election then the playing field becomes equal to all candidates. This would I believe remove the biggest hurdle to effective commonsense government….bribery. Oops, sorry I mean large contributions by major companies and people who after the election are looking for payback when their candidate is voted into office. It is no surprise that big companies find ways to line politicians pockets with cash so they will look favorably on their donors later when they come back and ask for favors. By eliminating these contributions the elected official can now represent the people that elected them and not some hidden company or person.

Attempting to get politicians to not take campaign donations is just a dream
but don’t we tell our children that one day dreams can come true?

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  1. May 7, 2014 10:01 am

    In a perfect world I could see this solution working, Pete, but given our culture now I’m afraid it’ll never happen. I could see more chance for some legislation to force campaigns to only last six months in terms of active campaigning. With the age of social media and the internet this is plenty of time to get out the word on the candidate’s beliefs and stances on salient topics. But both of these would probably not stand up to legal challenges as they would be seen to infringe upon our ‘rights’ to free speech. Ultimately I believe the secret to fixing our obviously broken political system is term limits. We already have them for the presidency so let’s set similar for Congress; two to a maximum of three terms should do it. Add to this an amendment to the Constitution that Congress shall make no legislation that does not apply to its own members and with these two concepts I think we’d be in a much better place with respect to politics and campaigning.


  2. Jon permalink
    May 8, 2014 2:25 pm

    I’ve been in favor of term limits for years. I don’t know if that’ll ever happen with all the perks that engulf even the most well-meaning of politicians. But it is nice to dream & still legal too!


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