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Finding myself

April 25, 2014

IMG_0702This morning the sunshine was intense as I walked down from the loft and connected my solar panels to the batteries. I smiled as I thought to myself it would be another great day for charging the batteries. With the added sunlight lately I have been able to cut down by 20% the amount of time I need to run my generator…thus saving money for the gasoline. It was the start of another good day.

As I sat looking out the window at the squirrels and waiting for the water to boil I contemplated that thanks to one Senator in Washington I now understood my place in the world as a whole. Lately and also partially because of the research I do for this blog I felt lost not knowing any purpose in life. This came about as I uncovered more and more information….information that never makes it into the news, I became more and more disoriented as to what I am supposed to do or feel.

I could be just like the many millions of so called ‘low information’ people, who accept whatever news is presented to them as truth without ever looking into the story itself. For years I have put these people down because they keep electing people for office that say one thing but once in office do the opposite. I never truly understood the myriad of factors that made them too busy to research the candidates or bogus news stories. When you rely on a corrupt and slanted media and that is you only source of information then you are indeed being used.

A prime example was the line the President used for months, “if you are happy with your health care plan/doctor you can keep him/it”. We now know this was a complete lie. The President knew it, the media knew it but still they treated it on every newscast as truth just to keep ‘we the people’ from demanding that obama-care never got passed. Well lately another story has come to light…remember the ‘death panels’ spoken about before the passage of obama-care. Well it was recently announced by the governing board of cardiologists that they are setting new guidelines for who is eligible to receive what drugs and procedures based not on need but the new (affordable health care guidelines) of age and your worth as a human being to society. Did any of you read or hear about this in the main stream media?

Oh and back to my contentment at finding myself….

I wish to thank Senator Reid and the Department of homeland security for defining me as

“an American who is suspicious of centralized federal authority,

and reverent of individual liberty as a right-wing terrorist.”


now if you will excuse me because my coffee is ready and I have to go and clean my gun’s.

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  1. Jon permalink
    April 26, 2014 2:06 am

    Well, to those of you are paying attention, & I think we who comment on here are, you will recall all the ridicule our own Sen. Michelle Bachmann took for bringing this up about 3 years ago. But as Pete said, for the low info. voters, just another day at the sheep shearing shop for them.

    I have to share with all of you the passing of a good friend of mine of 40 years a couple of weeks ago. Bill was a Reagan conservative as well as was his wife, who passed in ’98. He just wasted away out in Santa Rosa, Ca. I was going to get out there in May but the last week or so he went down fast. I’m going to miss our weekly phone conversations & his wisdom & advice. He was a patriot.
    God bless him, all of you & God bless America if He still thinks us worthy.


  2. April 26, 2014 7:26 am

    If there was ever a time for ‘we the people’ to rise up and demand some basic changes in Washington its now!! I guarantee if we could force term limits on Congress we’d see a lot of the current nonsense disappear. In addition I’d love to see an amendment to the Constitution stating that no one in the judicial branch shall create or vote into being any law which does not apply equally to them as well as to the general public. I’d also bet that if the Congress was forced onto ObamaCare it would either get ‘fixed’ or thrown out in a huge hurry. The same is true of the social security debacle; if Congress was denied their existing perks regarding guaranteed lifetime salaries and forced to pay into and utilize social security that system would be repaired in a huge hurry. There’s still some hope these changes can be made because the bubble of the baby boomers is fast approaching 60 years of age and we seniors vote more regularly and are generally more aware of what’s going on in the country than the youthful crowd. We just need to educate ourselves on what’s happening and then get busy and unify such that we can wield the power of numbers. Most of us are now media savvy so its time we use this to our advantage. Jon, so sorry to hear of your loss. This country needs clear headed patriots with memories that involve more than just the last 30 sound bite. Every time we lose someone like like your friend we become a bit less in strength and wisdom…


    • May 8, 2014 3:11 am

      Term limits for Federal Congressmen will require a constitutional amendment. That is unlikely to happen.

      The Judiciary does not create law or vote into being any law. The upper levels of the Judiciary only create “case law” through the interpretation of the Constitution or through interpretation of laws created by Congress.

      There is a good deal of misinformation about the “lifetime salaries” of Congress critters.They have to work a certain amount of time (be vested) in the system to get a retirement and it is nothing like people think it is. Congress pays into social security and has since 1984. They do not draw their same in-office pay until they die. Pensions are determined by their length of service, whether they also participated in FERS, as well as other factors. A pension of $40,000 per year would require a person to have been a long-serving member. The average annuities for retired members of Congress under FERS are about $36,700 per year. That’s still good money, but not the lavish amount Internet hoax emails make them out to be.

      Just a few clarifications from some lawyer you now know.


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