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A peek behind the curtain

April 11, 2014

securedownloadLike a black bear rummaging for food I bang around my cabin muttering to myself that lately I never complete what I start to do. Occasionally going outside to fire off a few rounds at the squirrels that now call my cabin home. The squirrels in return run up trees and mockingly chatter back that I am interrupting their lunch, knowing that these days I can not hit anything as small as them.

What force is at work that first inspires me with ideas for postings as I write down bits and pieces but later when I sit in front of the computer my mind cannot connect those random inspired thoughts into a solid intelligent posting? I wonder at times if this is one of Dante’s circles of hell, to have the makings of good work but to not be able to finish it.


As you can see from the photo of my current desktop there are five postings in various stages of completion and no matter how long I stare at one the pieces of the puzzle it remains like my Rubik’s cube…unfinished. Last night I uploaded a completed posting called, ‘The cutting edge’, but when I went to edit it on WordPress I felt it was too insensitive to post and put it aside.

It was a parody on the liberal view of gun control where I used the recent stabbings in a Western Pennsylvania school. I had a state senator proposing a bill to outlaw knives across the state because of the violence caused by the stabbings. When I wrote it I did not think about the victims of the stabbings, but as I sat there editing it for publication for some reason I just could not hit that publish button.

Instead I ventured out to read some of your blogs and found the one that I re-posted. I was deeply touched by the first paragraph where the writer says that too often we focus on the seriousness of dealing with children with special needs. When in reality these children for the most part are happy with their lives and we should share in that with them.

Whether it was the hand of God or something else
I am glad I found and could share that posting with you.

The world from another point of view…

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  1. April 14, 2014 3:08 am

    I like the way you write and how you put your thoughts together in type and text. It is always a challenge and discipline just to park your butt in one place–at least for me. Then there are all those human foibles that muck up what may have been a brief and interesting post, but paranoia and procrastination too often deprive readers of your current goings-on.

    So damn those torpedoes (and squirrels) and write on, Pete. I had been following Dean Weston’s Alaska blog also. He moved up there from here at the beach. Now that is a huge transition. I also had a cousin who lived in Alaska and taught school for over 20 years. I have not yet been.

    Good day. Randall


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