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Alaskan Ugly

March 28, 2014

Those few that know me understand my dislike with spring and summer in Alaska. The picture postcard beauty that is unequivocally equated with this state, at this time of year is missing. Instead we have thousands of miles of dirty snow, barren trees and here and there trash that has fallen in the snow and disappeared during the winter. Soon the many driveways like ours will be ankle deep in mud and running water from the melting snow.

Welcome to Spring time in Alaska.


Our driveway off the Elliott Highway

One would think this overabundance of ‘ugly’ would be enough to darken one’s spirit but then it would be if one never read a newspaper or turned on the radio. When you add the constant raping of our nations wealth by our elected representatives and their supporters in big business plus the fact that the media, (print, internet and TV), is no longer the watch dog of ‘we the people’ but publicity outlets for both parties you have a truly ‘ugly’ spring.

So when I find a solitary government representative acting to benefit the people he represents, it is like finding a beautiful flower in the barren wilderness and I must bring it to your attention. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, announced at his state of the state address, last week, that his state is one of the few that actually has a one billion dollar income surplus. I bring him to your attention more importantly because he wants to give part of that surplus back to the people of Wisconsin in Income tax cuts and property tax rebates. What is interesting to see is how the legislature is up in arms over his actions. They want to spend the surplus and do not want to give any part of that surplus back to the people.

It will be interesting to follow this news item
and see if the people of Wisconsin can win out over their elected representatives

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  1. Jon permalink
    March 29, 2014 4:04 am

    Know exactly what you mean by spring ugly. In addition to the dirty snow, we have roadsides littered with plastic car parts from this winter’s accidents & an overload of potholes, the worst in years. And we’re not done yet. Duluth has 31″ of snow on the ground & they could see another foot or so Mon. into Tues. We’ll be in rain to snow here after 60 tomorrow.

    Scott Walker has more courage than most politicians. You know he stood up to the public employee unions & was recalled only to win by a larger margin than the original election.
    Meanwhile just across the border here, we have the same thing; a surplus that the politicians wanted to spend but, & sit down for this, the Dems proposed & got a tax cut, which is really just a repeal of the increase they voted in last year. What a bunch of generosity, huh? These people have an insatiable appetite for our money. To sort of quote another article Obama’s right, we are a nation of two Americas, the haves & the have nots. Trouble is, the have nots constantly demand from the haves instead of getting it themselves.


  2. March 29, 2014 6:39 am

    Hey Pete – it really is all relative and truly in the eye of the beholder! While I don’t care for the brown snow on the road sides I am fascinated by the way anything that’s even slightly dark in color is now either melting its way down through the remaining snow or pushing up through the same. Even brown leaves left over from last fall are slowly melting their way through the snow pack (ice pack..?!??) simply because their color absorbs enough of the amazingly strong late March sunlight to generate the heat required to melt said snow. I don’t remember seeing this in the lower 48 probably because everywhere I lived the snow pack was long gone before the sun was strong enough to create these same effects. I also find the boreal forest floor to be showing signs of finally shaking free of its snowy embrace as the remaining snow now reflects the subtle undulations of the ground beneath it. Once we crossed 15″ to 20″ of snow accumulation that effect was lost. And I love the surge in the local wildlife populations; the moose are back with a vengeance and the birds are showing up as well. I’m making some swallow houses such that I can get ’em hung by mid-April to hopefully entice a number of these mosquito eaters to set up shop by the house. While I can deal with the mud and even the warmer temps I am not looking forward to the damn insects!!


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