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Chinook winds and the aspiring writer

March 14, 2014

P.1As the Chinook winds continue to buffet the trees surrounding the cabin and I await the change in weather my mind like the wind moves briskly from subject to subject. The mental tendrils of thought reach out and position words to form coherent sentences about one subject after another never lingering…. Over the course of days many potential postings come and go never finding the one ‘this is it’ subject that rises above all the rest.

I have read a number of blog postings that briefly touch on many subjects but other than to bring the facts to ones attention, they seem to lack….substance. I too have infrequently compounded my postings with several subjects but they have left me unsatisfied with the results. So what is one to do when the mind carries many subjects it feels are important but cannot ‘compose’ a complete symphony of words to comprehensibly express one’s feelings and thoughts? Should I let the subject pass into oblivion, hoping that it is brought to your attention elsewhere. Or should I write a brief summation of my thoughts without delving into the heart of the matter?

I am now beginning to see why so many blogs languish and die out here in the cyber universe. Some of us have the intent and motivation but not the expertise to create something from mere thought. For others who are writers they can take a subject and compose a posting without much anguish. For those of us who fields of endeavor have nothing to do with writing it is an entirely different matter. We may hear or read something that incites us to want to tell the world about it, but at times we cannot reach out and utilize the mental tools needed to produce a meaningful symphony of words.

As I look at the desktop littered with unfinished postings it breeds frustration. Important events or actions that call out for a different viewpoint languish unfinished, and the hundreds of thoughts waiting to be written may indeed never see the light of day.

Or maybe this is a part of the essence of being a writer
the struggle to continue
when your mind says no more. 

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  1. Jon permalink
    March 15, 2014 5:06 am

    Pete, Your postings are much more thought-provoking & intelligent than many of these so-called “writers”. You have plenty of expertise learned through common sense without the “formal education” of going to journalism school. Those people were taught to think inside a certain box while you weren’t. That works for me & I think, everyone else on here.


  2. May 26, 2014 6:54 am

    I think this is probably a pretty universal experience for all of us. We’ve all been there. I sure have.


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