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Pod people

March 11, 2014

*This posting definitely belongs in the “area 51” category

so for most of my readers who prefer ‘serious’ postings

you may want to pass on this more farcical one.

oldradioIf it was possible time travel would be both a wonderful and horrible thing. One the one hand we could travel and be side by side with the founding fathers when discussing what to include in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, or we could walk with the multitudes that followed Jesus. On the other hand we would have to standby and watch as the worlds most infamous mass murders committed their brutal acts.

For me and this posting however time travel only involves thinking back to a time when I was working the third shift for a printing company. The work, at times hard, was rewarding when you were able to produce a high quality product that matched what the customer wanted. During most of these nights, as I do now, my radio and talk shows were a constant companion. The major difference today is the old adage ‘their is no free lunch’ has been taken to the extreme. We are now forced to listen to an ever increasing number of commercials to the point where it now seems that the commercials are being interrupted to bring you a few minutes of the actual show.

Back during those nights at work you would have maybe 4 minutes of commercials at the beginning or middle of the show and a couple minutes near the end and the rest of the half hour was thought provoking conversation. Now if you ‘mentally’ blink you can miss the conversation entirely. Do these stations not realize that when squeezing that many commercials together the listener now ignores them all?

Now, dear reader, you must understand that I am usually slow on the uptake to new experiences and I do not change anything in my daily life unless forced to. With that said on my last visit to my son’s home I started using a service called iHeart radio, which lead me to the ‘pod people’. While in Texas I wanted to listen to a local, Fairbanks, morning talk show and for months they have been saying that you can listen to it on iHeart radio over the internet. Suffice it to say I finally found my station and thoroughly enjoyed listening to my ‘home town’ station during my stay in Texas.

This encounter led to the much more valuable discovery of ‘pod-casts’. While searching for my station I came across many of the talk shows I enjoy listening to. Everyone from Joe Paggs, Lars Larson, Laura Ingram to Jim Bohannon and Art bell and all available *commercial free*. Before I left Texas my son gave me an iPod and I was able to download commercial free broadcasts of my favorite talk shows and listen to them when I wanted to. Ok quit smiling, I did say I was slow on the uptake but to me this was like a gift from the heavens.

Anyhow if there is anyone out there who like myself hates change and has never tried this
take it from me you will never listen to regular radio the same way again.
Down with commercials…..
podcast’s rule!

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  1. March 12, 2014 6:04 am

    I’ve listened to Art Bell since probably 1995, and now it’s George Noory although I don’t listen as much as I used to. It’s fun sometimes. Last night they were talking about the Malaysian Airliner. Very interesting stuff.


  2. March 12, 2014 9:03 am

    Howdy Pete – Yes, I’ve used the whole ‘podcast’ format a few times especially since moving up here. In the lower 48 I was fine with kicking out $9.95/month for the base service from Sirius/XM radio; one could tailor one’s listening to specific genres of music, news, sports, talk radio and similar and there were virtually no commercials. It made my drive from Michigan to the Anchorage area much more enjoyable last August. However, I found that just a bit north of Anchorage my Escape could no longer receive the broadcasts; I checked and discovered Sirius/XM doesn’t support reception in Alaska. While folks on the North Slope do receive it using custom antennas I really wanted it for my vehicle as at home I use broadband to satisfy my radio preferences. I checked around but never did locate an antenna for use in a vehicle which would guarantee reception of such satellite broadcasts in Alaska so I let my service expire. I agree; ‘on-air’ radio broadcasts are just too filled with commercials to be listenable…!


  3. Jon permalink
    March 15, 2014 5:01 am

    Some of this tech stuff is a little too much for me; I still have a flip phone that just calls & receives calls, but Sirius & i-heart is pretty cool, especially for those of you “out in the bush”. Pete & the rest of you, as long as you’re on these pod casts try Jason Lewis or
    He’s live & local from 5-8pm cst. I’ve personally known him for about 10 years. He went nationally syndicated about a year & a half ago on the Genesis Communication Network & broadcasts from KTLK 1130 am.


  4. Terry permalink
    March 17, 2014 1:55 am

    I am also a creature of habit – just ask my family :-D But every new tech communication product I’ve been pushed to use has won me! Every new tech product I try, I cannot do without anymore :-) How life has changed!


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