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Showdown in the Ukraine….JFK vs obama

March 6, 2014

IMG_0602When I awoke this morning the light snow that was falling last night had stopped and was replaced by bright sunlight and mild temperatures. Later as I savored my first caffeine fix of the day my mind snapped it’s hazy focus to a laser pinpoint when it heard news that obama had once again acted unilaterally by implementing executive orders to apply economic sanctions on Russia. Could it be that obama read my blog about the emperor with no clothes?

Many decades ago when I was just a young man in high school President Kennedy stood toe to toe with Russia telling them to remove their missiles from Cuba. Kennedy placed our nations military on full alert, and as far as anyone knew we could be at war in a short time. However Russia blinked first and I remember watching the evening news when it broadcast film showing a Russian ship, carrying missiles removed from Cuba, being escorted by US destroyers and thinking our President indeed meant what he said.

Today when the Russian government learned that obama used his executive orders to financially try and hurt their country, it went into session to enact a new policy that would allow Russia the power to take over any American companies doing business in Russia. Not not quite the same thing as being told to get their missiles out of Cuba, but the end result, a nuclear confrontation, could still be the result of our current crisis.

When you put the former head of the KGB whose proven respect for life is not a high priority
toe to toe with a man who thinks we are too tough illegals and terrorists in Guantanamo,
just who do you think would win.

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  1. March 6, 2014 11:19 pm

    The Country was behind JFK then. Now we have Republicans comparing our President with Putin. The Republicans say that Putin is a real leader, has balls and know how to make decisions. WOW!


  2. March 7, 2014 8:57 am

    We are indeed in a real ‘box’ regarding the Ukrainian situation and sadly its one we’ve had a big hand in making. First off forget about Europe being willing to get tough; they get a bit over 25% of their natural gas and oil from Russia and they remember the situations back in 2006 and again in 2009 when they feared the instability in Ukraine would disrupt their badly needed energy flow. In this sense I can understand their ‘go lightly’ approach to this point. Obama is trying to look tough but to the point you’ve made in earlier writings most world leaders now know him for what he is; a sleazy narcissistic Chicago lawyer ill-equipped for his current job and rapidly losing the faith of his own people. Now trying to put on the ‘tough guy’ image is a classic case of ‘far too little too late’.

    Both Obama and previously George W Bush grossly underestimated Putin in terms of his character and his motivations. He remembers the Russia of the Cold War days and wants desperately to see the country attain such a stature once again. He also recognizes that many of the ‘old ploys’ can and will still work; witness staging ‘support’ of Russia all over the Crimea through the use of bussed in players (‘member Obama stacking the polls in the ’08 presidential race by busing poor voters to the polls..?) followed by the creation of a puppet governing body and the unbelievably fast decision by said puppet apparatus to set up a referendum on accepting Russian rule scheduled to be voted on next Wednesday. This was classic Russian strategy in Stalin’s days and he picked up a lot of it from watching Adolph Hitler in the Sudetenland and other places in the middle 30’s.

    Russia is not going to give up the Crimea; in my mind its really a matter of how much more will they take now and when/where will Putin orchestrate something similar in the near future? However, my biggest fear has nothing to do with Europe. I’m very concerned the Chinese are watching Putin basically thumb his nose at the world in general and the US in particular and get away with minimal penalties. I’d bet this will embolden the Chinese to ramp up their obvious plans to snatch islands in a number of disputed areas in and around the South China Sea. In the face of these kinds of situations we’re emasculating our armed forces and trying a ‘diplomacy’ of being everyone’s friends. Why Obama, and even more sadly most of the American people, do not understand the world is dangerous place and one can only be effective operating within such an environment when one has both the power and the will to ‘stay the course’ escapes me. We’ve had five plus years to demonstrate to the world we prefer a leader who thinks a pared down America is a good idea; why are we now surprised other forces on the world stage are beginning to challenge us..?? Its obvious to me ‘we the people’ have lost our will to be great and this is reflected in the ilk of the leaders we’ve chosen to elect…


  3. del permalink
    March 11, 2014 5:00 pm

    That was great newbie! we have to keep the faith.


  4. Jon permalink
    March 15, 2014 4:54 am

    A little late to the game here because of commitments, but the read & newbie’s comment made it more than worthwhile to save til now.


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