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Cabin fever the military and the constitution

February 24, 2014

typeThe sun ‘s light glistened off the snow, like thousands of diamonds and for the first time in 15 days the temperature here at my cabin did not register a negative number. My thinking that I should have extended my time with the grand-kids in Texas was slowly ebbing as the thermometer rose. Maybe, just maybe the change in temperature will give birth to a change in my mental outlook. It seemed that after my visit I had less tolerance for the cold and that is what kept me inside, and thus my encounter with ‘cabin fever’.

Now, except for the hasting wind still blowing, it just felt better to get ‘out’ and walk around a bit. Maybe this minor bit of exercise in the uber-brightness of the winter sun is washing away the fog of self imposed isolation. I know that today when I listened to the radio the news did not seem muted and as I listened several ideas for postings were slowly taking shape. But before I can return to the ‘curmudgeon’ of old, I decided to briefly dabble a bit with a thorn that was recently embedded in my psyche.

Today I had to stop and listen to a second news cast because what I heard the first time I was sure was a mistake. The Secretary of Defense announced he was going to cut the strength of our military force to numbers not seen since before World War Two. Unbelievable in the same speech he said that even though there are currently more countries and terrorist organizations threatening the United States, budget cuts and the sequester were forcing him to make these cuts. This is one of those times that when you hear something it makes you stop dead in your tracks. You have to ask what idiot would say that there were more possibilities of the United States being attacked and then go and cut the number of members of the military?

Yes I have stated over and over that an across the board 10% cut in funding for ‘all’ government agencies is in order to at least start balancing the budget, and I still stand behind those words. I also stand behind the constitution of the United States, because our government was formed to ( ‘protect and defend that Constitution and its citizens from all enemies foreign and domestic’ ). Our constitution never mentioned that the government should create agencies to govern our health care, regulate our electricity or water, establish guidelines for our nations schools or provide food, money and shelter for its people.

The founding fathers created the federal government

to ensure the safety of its citizens

they believed its citizens and the states they lived in

would have the personal responsibility to handle everything else.

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  1. February 24, 2014 9:35 pm

    So, where did the “like” button disappear to?


  2. February 24, 2014 9:42 pm

    Okay, found one in the Reader section, LOL.


  3. February 25, 2014 6:05 am

    I was also listening to a Navy Seal on TV explaining how he was trained how to take out another country’s power grids yet we don’t do much in the way of protecting ours. There was an attack on a bay area power grid awhile ago and they’ve not caught that person (or persons) and have not talked much about it. Think of America in the dark without power for days or months. It’s a scary thought.


  4. February 25, 2014 9:26 am

    Hey Pete – this is indeed a sad state of affairs especially when one realizes that while its ‘okay’ to defund our military and cut our standing armed forces there is no corresponding cut to any, let alone all, the social entitlement programs. As I heard it stated on one news broadcast “there’s no stomach in Washington to cut social entitlement programs”. After hearing this my first thought was; “Why the heck not..???”. This country is fast failing thanks to these kinds of idiotic, knee jerk reactions to ongoing financial issues; all those folks on social entitlements better realize that in order to keep them ‘happy’ we’re putting the country at risk and if the worst happens then they will no longer have their assistance when the country is openly attacked because we’re perceived as being weak and incapable of defending ourselves.


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