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The ‘new world order’ of 2014?

February 19, 2014
IMG_0702Though the days here in the Alaskan wilderness are lengthening the extended sun gives no rise to my spirit. I am stuck in a neutral quagmire, wanting to write yet unable to form cogent postings from my mental ramblings. Though never a great commentator on our countries political affairs my curmudgeon-ness has delivered at times a smile or frown to many a reader. I have searched in vane this past month for the spark to ignite whatever creativeness that I held within but alas I am stuck with the reality of being just an old man who lives in the woods. So please accept this rehash from days of old in hopes you will find forgiveness in your hearts.

I woke up early on Tuesday for my trip to Fairbanks and while the coffee brewed I thought about the day ahead. I knew it was Tuesday because that is my assigned travel day. One of the four days a month when I am allowed to use my truck to travel to town. I was almost half way to town when I realized I had to go back because I had my handgun in the truck and since they passed the new firearm laws no one was allowed to have a firearm within the city limits. So back I went realizing that I was also burning way to much gasoline and would not have enough on my fuel ration card to get a full tank, but what was I going to do I had to make the trip to see my Doctor and restock my food supply.

I got to town a little late and went straight to my doctors office for my appointment. The doctor told me after he was done that I should have surgery but because of my age under the new government guidelines I was indeed to old to have it. Under the 2013 government managed healthcare guidelines people over 65 had a sliding scale of what medical procedures we were allowed to get, and seeing I was now 68 I was SOL. The doctor did say that when the pain got worse, under these same guidelines, it was legal for him to prescribe medicine that would solve all my problems.

Later when I finished shopping for my food the cashier scanned my wrist for my personal ID but it didn’t read the implanted government ID chip. She was almost ready to call for a soldier to check it out when the scanner finally registered my chip. Did I really look like ‘those’ people that are living off the grid and refusing to get an embedded chip? I know here in Alaska there were many who lived in the woods that still clung to their guns and bibles always talking about the freedoms they had in the old days, but I had caved many years ago.

So after I stopped to put whatever gasoline my ration card said I was entitled to into my truck I headed home. I didn’t even stop at the used book store, a favorite place for me over the years where I spent many hours browsing and surfing the internet. Now most shelves in the store were empty because of the ban on seditious reading material plus the fact that the government had shut down most of the internet especially the blogs. Yes in this day and age blogs were dangerous. People still thought they were free to post whatever they felt, until one of the government internet sniffer programs found your writing and you were arrested, or taken out by a government sanctioned drone attack, for making threats against the government.

I do not know but it was either the bear roast being a little old or maybe I let it get warm too long before cooking, but something made me sick last night and gave me one hell of a dream. I woke up remembering bits and pieces of that new world order and in the darkness of my cabin I felt a shiver go through my spine…

Yes but everything I wrote about is based
on proposals and laws currently in force or being considered.

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  1. February 20, 2014 5:58 am

    For a minute there I started to panic as my hubby will be 65 this year. I need a knee replacement on my left knee in a year or so and asked my doctor if it will be a problem. I’m 55. He said no BUT. But???? That word scared me. I fear where we are headed. Part of the issue imho is that smarter people are having less children. That means lesser educated people who will probably have smaller paying jobs will try to support everyone. Not a good scenario.


  2. February 20, 2014 10:10 am

    Excellent piece Pete!! I was unnerved by the mention of the purported firearm ban but thankfully after I read a bit more I understood the basis for this piece. However, that short period of being concerned really put your message across and that’s the whole purpose, right..? This one should get a lot more exposure and hopefully it will as more folks need to be aware of where the ‘liar in chief’ is trying to take our country. Did you hear about the latest assault on our Constitutional rights..? Via the FCC the administration is trying to put government monitors into all news rooms with the power to see what stories are being investigated and readied for release and the ability to ‘suggest’ other options!! Here’s hoping even the useless lame-stream media wakes up and fights this incursion into our American rights. Like you I truly fear for my country!!!


  3. Del permalink
    February 21, 2014 9:09 am

    you stole my thunder newbie……. Also saw a phony man on the street Vid of a man going around at some college with a petition about 2nd amendment asking our future generation if they felt that this amendment should be nixed and also if Gov should be the only ones allowed to carry weapons….. You not believe how many agreed to this… Our so called future generations are being brainwashed…. Need to find it and post


  4. Del permalink
    February 21, 2014 9:17 am

    Oops it wasn’t at a college but in Cali. So I was still kind of right…….Also saw they want to split Cali. into 4 states……


  5. February 24, 2014 2:10 pm

    Thought-provoking story Pete.

    How are you doing up in AK?


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