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Food fight in Dixie

February 14, 2014

images123Here I thought the people of Georgia were shining examples of fine Southern hospitality until a few days ago when I read a news story about these fine people ransacking grocery stores and fighting with each other over milk and loaves of bread. The news article had pictures of a number of food stores with empty shelves as if they were facing the end of civilization. We know of course this mayhem was caused by the approach of that first snow and ice storm and not Armageddon.

Why you may ask am I picking at this sore again? I know I have already written a lengthy posting about hurricane Sandy, its aftermath and how to be better prepared for such disasters, but like teaching children it seems that millions of people never learn from past disasters. By past of course for those in Georgia it would have been only days since the last ice storm and its aftermath so we see how quickly people forget. Yes it is obvious that during this second wave of snow and ice many did learn the hard lesson of being prepared, but why did it take a major storm to learn what my mother would call common sense?

One would think that knowing of the coming storm and the possibility of roads covered in ice that people would think maybe they should have a few extra supplies on the shelf in case something like that happens again. It appears that many still did not take the hint and waited until the last minute to buy supplies. Stupidity or laziness dealers choice as far as I can see. Yes I understand that many stores did not ‘totally’ restock in the short period of time between storms but could not one travel further even if need be to other cities and shop there?

And more importantly does the lack of supplies on store shelves entitle people to fight each other for that last loaf of bread? If this is how we react with just a simple snow storm I wonder what would happen if there was a breakdown in our infrastructure and shipments were delayed weeks or even months? Would I be reading about people being stabbed or shot instead of simple fights breaking out?

I have written several articles about ‘prepping’, or being prepared for any eventuality and I am sure that just like my son who hears me say again and again stock your shelves and have plenty of extra food and water on hand the message will go unheeded. This common sense ‘prepping’ is just in case.. You may be wondering in case of what….well anything from a hurricane and power failure to a snow storm or even the breakdown in the supply lines that restock our store shelves. It is just plane common sense to have extra food, medicine and water around. I am not saying to have entire rooms for extra supplies like most of us in the wilderness have, but would it hurt to have a few cartons of food in the garage along with a number of gallon containers of water?

Not all the people of Georgia got the message from that first storm

….hopefully now we all have learned a lesson.

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  1. del permalink
    February 15, 2014 4:43 am

    and that’s why you can’t depend on Gov to take care of you in a natural disaster… Be prepared….


  2. February 15, 2014 7:07 am

    The survival instinct is strong in human beings. I wonder what would happen if a world-wide disaster were to fall upon the earth. i try not to think of such things.


  3. February 15, 2014 8:55 am

    I’m not sure what causes so many people to behave like crazed lunatics with the approach of inclement weather..? I saw similar when I lived just north of Cincinnati. Yes, most northerners do not appreciate how nasty travel becomes when snow and ice storms hit the SE mainly because they haven’t driven in the conditions. In general said places will get hit with ice initially followed by snow and sometimes more ice. Even the most savvy northern driver will have a tough time driving on two to four inches of snow atop ice. But regardless; why do people not have at least three to five days worth of food in their dwellings? My sense is they do but they do not want to even think about having to ‘subsist’ on rice with a can of soup mixed in or Mac & Cheese or a can of tuna. Sadly far too many people are helpless if they cannot stick a processed/prepared meal in the microwave! Virtually all of us have refrigeration and most fridges have at least a couple days worth of food in them even if its not ‘gourmet’ level. In addition most folks have at least a few cans of soup, some canned fish or meat, probably some canned fruit and vegetables and a loaf of bread on hand. Why they feel its necessary to mob grocery stores and clean them out when warned of an approaching storm escapes me. Half the world would kill to eat what we consider ‘the bare minimum’ on a daily basis. And even the worst of these storms really only ‘paralyzes’ a large southern city for maybe four or five days; in a true survival situation a human being can last three to four times that long with no food. We have become a nation of wimps hardly able to care for our basic needs. And as ‘del’ pointed out in the event of a natural disaster expecting the government to care for you is both absurd and the height of helplessness. We’ve become so soft and unable to fend for ourselves we are just a major disaster away from seeing a total breakdown in our country’s civilization. This would manifest itself initially in the major cities but quickly fan out into the suburbs; one more reason living rural is just a smart idea!


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