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Revolution is only one answer

January 21, 2014

*A conversation overheard in a Philadelphia tavern during colonial times?

randolph3George are you crazy, your saying you think if we don’t put language in the constitution we are drafting, about restricting the powers of the President and congress, we will end up with the same problems we just fought a war over? Mr Madison, I can assure you exactly that will happen. I do not know if it will be in a hundred or even two hundred years but I do know “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely so that great men will almost always end up being bad men.” But Mr Washington even with these new rules we weaved into our constitution corrupt men will find ways to get around them, and if a President is devious enough he will just use his executive powers to enact new laws upon the people.

OK we all know that the President and our representatives are doing exactly what our founding fathers were afraid they would do, so how do we change it and is that even possible? Remember now I am a glass half empty kinda guy so I have already stocked my shelves with food, water, medicine ammo and guns, but what are you the people living in the big cities supposed to do?

I once had a 24 foot boat and whenever I tried to land it at a certain spot on the shore the powerful Yukon river would always ‘adjust’ that well planed landing. Steering or changing direction  in strong current, (ie the way things really work in Washington), would take a ‘massive’ effort,  it would take many millions of people to wake up and actually vote as one voice, and not stand on the sidelines and just complain! Yes the Tea Party was organized after many millions of Americans were angry enough to finally vote out some of the more shining examples of political corruption. But the system did not change because to many of the old guard were left in office and they ended up intimidating the representatives of the Tea Party.

In 2012 when obama, (62,611,000 votes), faced off against Romney, (59,134,000 votes), it was not only because 3,477,000 people didn’t bother voting it was because they lived in the wrong states and didn’t vote. Unlike the days of Washington, Madison, Jefferson and Lincoln it does not matter how many votes you get because of the electoral collage. As you know certain states with large populations carry more weight in the electoral collage so to make a major change in our president we would need more people in those critical states to change their vote. And what would cause a major shift in what the people vote for?

If we look back at times when large masses of people were of one mind, (Vietnam, man landing on the moon, the JFK and Martin Luther King assassination or the last major movement the Tea Party), it still would not be enough votes to change the course of our nation. Sadly I believe it will take a major crisis that effects just about everyone in America to change the direction our current government is heading. So just how would ‘we the people’ remove all these corrupt representatives from power?

You can smile if you want but bear with me on this one……In 1992 Ross Perot ran for president, as a third party candidate,  against the politically and financially powerful George Bush and Bill Clinton and by May was ahead of both candidates in the polls. Perot financed his election run from his own resources and thus owed no allegiance to any person or business. For this reason he had no problem speaking his own mind and this open and frank dialogue was beginning to draw more and more Americans to his side. But in July, despite still leading in the polls, Perot suddenly withdrew from the race . What promulgated this is still unknown, Perot has said threats against his family were the reason but the public will never know for sure.

Their is only two way that I see a complete house cleaning in Washington.

One unthinkable, the overthrow of our government, and the other is a third party.

Yes I know a third party is an uphill battle but not a impossibility.

However as seen from the results of Mr Perot’s attempt

and the number of representatives elected thanks to the Tea Party

it is our only hope….


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  1. January 22, 2014 9:58 am

    Yes, a third party would most likely be the least violent method of turning things around in Washington but I fear it wouldn’t be enough mainly because so many voters are either happy to get ‘stuff’ from the government or are in denial that anything is wrong and just settle back and watch TV while allowing the lame-stream media to lead them around by their collective noses and tell them what to think. I’m afraid nothing will change until the existing system begins to collapse; by that point it could well be too late. You put your finger on the true ‘Achilles heel’ of this country when you spoke about the cities. At best groceries have three days of stock; if the trucks stopped moving for a week there would be angry mobs in the street ransacking any store that had edibles and searching out food warehouses. This could easily happen if terrorists suddenly attacked our refineries and especially our bulk fuel storage facilities. As most folks in cities lean liberal they won’t have guns but you can bet when they get hungry they’ll be the first to find some and use them to feed themselves. I once read the average person in the lower 48 has no ‘bug out’ plan, no equipment let alone training to allow them to exist outside their homes and no more than a week’s worth of food if it was rationed. Assuming this is true just shutting down transportation for ten days would throw the entire system into chaos and leave it under the control of lawless mobs. Given most vehicles nowadays are dependent upon solid state electronics to operate if Iran puts a nuke on a rocket, loads it onto a ship, sails it close to our shore, launches it and explodes it at 50,000 feet in the air the resultant EMP wave would most likely fry everything using solid state electronics across most of the country. A single event could spawn a total system collapse and anarchy would follow! There was a method to my madness when I moved to rural Alaska..!!


    • Jon permalink
      January 23, 2014 6:19 pm

      I don’t think anything you said is outside the realm of imagination, but certainly outside the proverbial box of common thinking.
      Reminds to start my own food shelf.


  2. January 22, 2014 4:44 pm

    “Unlike the days of Washington, Madison, Jefferson, & Lincoln…”

    The Electoral College was around from the beginning.

    “The Convention approved the Committee’s Electoral College proposal, with minor modifications, on September 6, 1787.
    Delegates from the small states generally favored the Electoral College out of concern that the large states would otherwise control presidential elections.”

    Washington was first elected to the office of President in 1788.


    • January 22, 2014 5:01 pm

      and here I thought we agreed to not discuss would think you would wait till there was 3,000 miles between us not 30 feet in fact here I come.


  3. Del permalink
    January 23, 2014 6:08 am

    I’m ready newbie….. Didn’t have to move to AK for your madness. It will come there too…..


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