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Cold weather, fishing and black bears

January 12, 2014

securedownloadOK folks I have tried to get back into that grumpy curmudgeon frame of mind many of you have come to expect from me but even with the weather outside reminiscent of fall in Alaska I just can’t. Each morning I venture outside waiting for the nicotine to mix with caffeine and get my dormant neurons moving but for some reason it just doesn’t happen.  No matter how much talk radio I listen to when I sit down to write the vitriol that usually moves my fingers over the keyboard is placated.

I did however find it interesting how people here in the lower ’48’ have reacted to the cooler weather. Yes I said cooler, remember I live in Alaska so this weather would actually be like spring to us. I am surprised not only to see the Mayor of Indianapolis say that “In ten minutes you could be dead without the proper cloths” , added to that the fact that most of the news media are blaming it on ‘global warming’. However since I am just an old timer who lives in the woods I just do not see how that works out to having an ‘Arctic vortex’. Suffice it to say that the earth has had hot and cold flashes ever since it’s creation and if you dress in layers and cover your exposed skin you too can actually enjoy being out in the colder weather.

Also because I have, for some reason, been attracting more people to my blog I have decided to ‘resurrect’ some of my short videos. Now be forewarned these videos are definitely not high quality but they do show some of what Alaska has to offer. I also need some feedback on how you feel about me re-posting a bear hunting video. When it was first posted I had a number of hunters following my blog and it was through their emails asking to see some Alaskan black bear hunts that I put one together. The result was a short video that included more footage of the Alaskan wilderness than the taking of a black bear. Normally I am a person who just does things and deals with the response later but this time I would prefer your feedback so drop me an email.

What follows is the lead paragraph from the posting about fishing.

To read the complete posting click here.

Without a hint of a breeze the smoke from the evening camp fire was rising like an arrow shot straight up. I had left my clients sitting around it with a look of total satisfaction from a day they will remember forever. I had wondered off and found myself on the bow of the boat, looking across the gently rolling river. Though mid-summer and never dark, at this time of night the light across the tops of the spruce trees on the opposite bank glowed with a golden red. Movement in the low brush, caught my eye and produced a cow and calf moose coming to waters edge for a drink. Just when I was thinking it could not get any better than this, a fish rose and broke the calm of the moment and in a fury went after some insect on the surface…………

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  1. January 13, 2014 11:06 am

    Loved the video, Pete! Wow, those were sure good lookin’ salmon and my mouth was watering just watching them being prepped. All told a good combination of video and music; one thought occurred to me – maybe add in a bit more ‘long views’ of the surrounding area as it looked to be mighty gorgeous. Keep up the great work..!


  2. Del permalink
    January 15, 2014 10:04 am

    yea Pete brings back fond memories.. Keep them coming….


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