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Not afraid to say Merry Christmas

December 22, 2013

IMG_0694Writing is truly an art, because you are creating something that did not previously exist. Akin to a painter, sculptor or photographer you have a vision…a path…with your thoughts, and you take that thought and make something that can evoke an emotion or a response from others. As I sit here and type and then delete and again retype my words, I am truly in awe of the ability of writers and bloggers who sit down day after day and produce quality writing. Daily I scan through the blogs on WordPress and elsewhere and have found people who repeatedly hit the mark with their words, and I sit here and can not coral my words into an insightful Christmas posting.

Could it be with my grandchildren nearby and Christmas a mere 48 hours away, whats left of my addled mind is focused elsewhere? Or is it such a drastic change in my environment with all the amenities of a civilized world distracting me? Whatever the cause you are observing the effect that Shakespeare would say was “much ado about nothing”, or as my father would often say to me, “son if you have nothing to say then don’t say anything”.  So because I always tried to respect what he told me I will shortly end this posting…

except to say…..

Today while shopping the cashier said have a good holiday. My first reaction was a slow burn thinking she probably was instructed that store policy is to say happy holiday instead of Merry Christmas because it might offend someone. For some reason I held my tongue letting it pass and just left the store. Now here attempting to put words together that convey my sentiment about Christmas, I realize that ‘to me‘ part of the meaning of Christmas is Christ’s principle of forgiveness and understanding. So how could I possibly celebrate this season by getting angry with people who are following the dictates of their own conscience or of the company they work for. However I have no problem saying….

To my family, friends and those who follow this blog

Merry Christmas 


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