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Tumbelweed trails

December 16, 2013

Just a short update from the first few days in Texas. With my daughter-in law and my granddaughter in Germany visiting her parents and Sophia’s grandparents until the end of the week it’s just us men here on the outskirts of Frisco, Texas. For me a time of adjustment to those modern conveniences that you my readers take for granted. Hot running water, full time electricity and continuous internet. Amenities aside there is plenty of time for conversations with my son and ‘me’ time with my grandson.

Some days we just sit on the couch and he will read to me and other days we share a meal.


I mentioned to my son Anthony I was thinking of trading in my pickup next summer

and we found a vehicle to replace the truck.


But I think the one thing that may cause some withdrawal problems is lack of snow

test2 035

So I will just throw another log on the fire

and enjoy my time in Anthony’s cabin

test2 032

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