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The budget, family and future pain

December 15, 2013

Before I start my rant

I think it is very important that you should see

why I think everyone should be concerned about what goes on in Washington

…..our children & grandchildren.


…even if you don’t have any children the actions of our representatives will surely effect your family and everyone around you. It may not be instantaneous but the weight of their constant unfunded spending will fall like a hammer blow, and even though we may be out of range the shock wave of repercussions will ripple our way. Jack Curtis recently wrote on his blog….”The GOP-controled House today passed a budget bill…it was..a bipartisan agreement that spending will accelerate regardless of the absence of money.” Eventually we will know what if felt like to the people who lived in Germany and Brazil when it literally took pounds of currency to buy the staples of life.

Yes I maybe a bit over-dramatic but I am trying to make the point that when our nations bills come due and we can not print more worthless dollars it will seem that the great depression of 1929 was a boom time for our economy compared to what will encounter. And all of this thanks to our (elected) representatives in Washington. They have put off passing a budget since April 29, 2009  but miraculously came up with one in the ten weeks since the October 1st government shutdown and that makes no sense.

However considering that they did not even balance income and expenditures and most of the cuts in spending they ‘accomplished’ do not immediately go into effect. Then add to that 63 billion to replace some of the sequester reductions and I am thinking quite a few deals were made to get a vote of 332 to 94 to pass this so-called ‘budget’.

If that’s not enough I am thinking the President who is awfully quiet right now will shortly reappear claim victory and then get a quick compromise on the immigration issue and then he can be nominated for a second Nobel for his leadership on the immigration issue.

Guess I should have used the Alice in wonderland photo

at the top because we are definitely

being dragged down that rabbit hole.


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  1. January 3, 2014 7:49 pm

    Hi Pete. New follower.

    Here’s a 1-minute video that embellishes your point about the injustice to our children/grandchildren:

    – Jeff


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