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Deep in the heart of Texas

December 12, 2013

For the second time in a week many citizens of Fairbanks and the surrounding area were without electricity and the cities roads were skating rinks. So as the truck traveled down the road that was covered in white with a layer of fresh snow that was only concealing the quarter inch of ice that fell a couple hours a ago, it was a normal winter drive. Visibility was nonexistent because of the glare of the headlights on the dense fog. This trip down the road was going to be very interesting.

Except it wasn’t my trip but my daughters almost 30 hours before I left for the airport and my drive was on ice yeah but it is Northern Alaska in December. She made it home safe and sound and I made it to the airport and now36 house later sitting in a comfortable bedroom at my son’s home with my grandson now asleep it kinda reminds me of the Budweiser commercial..’It doesn’t get any better than this’.


Yes for those who have been with me a while the picture is from last year’s Christmas trip to Texas but what the heck my son has snow again in his yard and ice in the trees so lets all pretend we just took the picture… and I promise I will figure out how to use this #%@#& PC and upload my new pictures to the blog.

In the mean time since I woke up at 7 am on Tuesday and it’s now 8 pm Wednesday,

I think I may shortly collapse crack open a cold one, (Pepsi),

and drift off thinking how it was also warm enough for a while last

year to walk around in a t-shirt.

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