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God, Alaska & TV a personal retrospect

November 27, 2013

<> God <>
Most of us at one time in our lives know the feeling when minutes seem like hours and the anxiety builds up waiting for any news. You walk and try to keep your mind occupied but like gravity it pulls your mind right back to the matter at hand. Ones belief in God is a very personal matter, that said I can not believe everything in nature that I see in our world and even the universe just happened by chance. Again when we are dealing with an important personal situation where consequences could be mortal many would like myself turn to God for help. In a similar situation in my life I turned to God for help and I lost my wife, but knowing in my heart that God can do anything I again asked for his helping hand and this time he returned my loved one to me.

It was then I realized the true meaning
of the words in the Lord’s prayer
…..”thy will be done”.

<> Alaska <>
It has been a while but in Alaska if you hang around long enough you will see and experience everything it has to offer. I had to stay in Fairbanks for a few days and wouldn’t you know it those were the days it decided to hit lows of -36 and average temps of -24. You would think living in a remote cabin would prepare me for this but up North where I live I have only seen -34 once for two days in the almost 12 years out there. Even the -20’s seemed a bit cold to me so maybe I am getting old and this is probably why I try and stay out of Fairbanks and its winter lows in the -40’s and -50’s.

<> TV <>
During my stay at the hotel in Fairbanks I not only enjoyed unlimited hot water in the shower but cable TV. No comments on the hot water other than my hands haven’t been this wrinkled since I was a small boy spending hours playing in the tub. The TV is another matter. Yes I actually got to see new episodes of my favorite detective series but the amount of commercials soon forced me just turn the TV off. I can not understand how people live with that amount of interruptions while watching their favorite shows. I would think you would forget what was happening by the time the commercials are over. No thanks commercial TV I will stick to DVD’s.

<> and this <>
I have been back from Fairbanks since Saturday but all lines of communication from my cabin have been down. Part of that was because of the wind and ice storm last week and part is a technology glitch. I have always said when all else fails amateur radio will be there but the antennas that receive my signal could not withstand the storm. I thank you for your patience and hope part of the problem has been resolved, but failing that after December 11th I may have better access to this blog.

Again thank you for your patience
Happy Thanksgiving

Carving the turkey Alaskan style

Carving the turkey Alaskan style

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  1. November 27, 2013 12:23 pm

    Your words touched me. We all have such different challenges in our lives but when I hear the common thread of faith, it feels good. GODISNOWHERE. I love how you can read this two ways. I prefer the positive one. :). On a lighter note….I have to DVR everything because I can’t stand commercials!! Haha. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


  2. November 27, 2013 2:52 pm

    Welcome home. Wondered if you’d been hit by the blow, snow, and temps.


  3. November 27, 2013 3:24 pm

    I really enjoyed and appreciate your post Pete. Thank you for sharing this with us. Many blessings to you and your family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


  4. Del permalink
    November 27, 2013 10:29 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving Pete.. We will see our first lite freeze here tomorrow… Might even get in the mid 20’s! LOL
    I remember leaving the cabin and it was -20 and when i pulled into Darrel and Donna’s place it was -50. And it was only a 5 or 6 mile run……


  5. Jon permalink
    November 27, 2013 10:52 pm

    Glad to see you back home, Pete. I didn’t realize it was so much warmer up the Elliot than Fairbanks, although the temp. inversions around town can be amazing, as much as 30 deg. sometimes.
    I want to wish everyone on here a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving. We here at the house are thankful my wife’s family in the Philippines is safe in spite of the direct hit by the typhoon.
    God bless you all.


    • November 28, 2013 3:12 pm

      There is always some thing to be thankful and grateful for – no matter what.


  6. Terry permalink
    November 28, 2013 7:30 pm

    I enjoyed your comments on “life in the city” – with hot water and cable TV! :-D Too funny! Sometimes we just don’t appreciate what we have, eh? Stay safe and I hope your radio works gets sorted soon :-)


  7. December 14, 2013 4:34 am

    THAT will carve a turkey! Probably be handy for an ostrich, too…
    Didn’t know the ARRL gang was still extant. Glad to hear of it; I expect they will come in handy more than once in the coming times…
    Once made a winter visit to Fairbanks; spent most of it in an ice rink…I think reality was rubbing my nose in something or other.
    Never been one to blame God for things that happen; don’t see His scripting the details for us all. If you buy that, you have to give up on free will and responsibility, seems to me So, do what we can and accept what we can’t and move on does it for me.
    I hope the turkey was good as it looks and that you enjoy a happy Christmas in Texas!


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