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Energy problems solved !

November 15, 2013

<>The future<>
P.1He had succeeded after investing decades of his life in the laboratory. Yes there were other milestones that brought him fame, like the genetically engendered microbial organisms that consumed raw oil from oil slicks, but this was to mark his place in history with the creation of an organism that would produce energy! Unlike thousands of others that searched for the holy grail of unlimited nonpolluting energy he now held the answer in his hands.


<>The present<>
People across America are repeating the phrase, ‘not in my back yard’, when referring to the erection of wind generators, a new nuclear power plant, a megawatt solar panel array or a new hydroelectric dam. You can hear the cries about air pollution when they are trying to close down a coal mine or a oil refinery. These cries get louder when they are demonstrating for an end to our dependence on oil from foreign nations……so just what do you think is the alternative?

Lets take a look…At the moment we are producing the majority of our electricity from oil, gas, coal or nuclear. There is some minor generation from wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal, but other than hydroelectric the amounts generated are minimal. I have never see eye to eye on anything the President has said but when, in a speech, he said “Today I’m setting a new goal. Your federal government will consume 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources within the next seven years.” I would have to agree with him, if I thought he was actually going to make it happen.

However much like congress ignoring the budget our country remains dependent on fossil fuels. So back to the public cries for a non polluting energy source… it does exist in the wind, sun, ocean and rivers but ‘we the people’ will not commit to changing our way of lives to support it. So if the people as a whole can not agree on utilizing these non-polluting sources of energy……I say shut up and don’t complain.

There may be discovered in the distant future a totally new form of energy that is unlimited and nonpolluting. But for the near future we and our children and grandchildren we will have to find a way to stop complaining and use the sun, wind, oceans and rivers as our clean energy source.

If ‘we the people’ truly want to remove our dependence from coal, gas and oil
We must first…minimize our use of electricity and carbon fuels then….
We must…stop complaining that large wind farms are unsightly, noisy and kill hundreds of birds
We must…allow megawatt solar arrays no mater how they visually disrupt the wilderness
We must…support hydroelectric dams even though they change the landscape around them
and yes we must find a safe way to store the spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors.

You may not like my words
but until someone discovers a new source of energy
you know I am right.


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  1. November 15, 2013 6:05 pm

    The main ones doing all that complaining will only be happy if we are all back to living in caves and wearing woven grass clothing since we can’t kill the animals either or heaven forbid, wear their furs and skins. Of course we all have to embrace a vegan diet so we don’t harm any living creature, but wait! New studies show fields of grain emitting panic essences as they regard the harvetster mowing down their brethern, so we can not cause them fear and pain either, so that really limits what we can utilize to stay alive. Oh, that was the agenda all along?. Who needs people polluting the earth?


  2. Del permalink
    November 15, 2013 10:47 pm

    Interesting read here Pete…


  3. November 16, 2013 8:43 am

    When I lived in a bay with a pretty good waterfall that produced a fearsome current, I wondered why we couldn’t just come up with a tin-can and rubber-band generator to produce our own power. A bank of batteries could store everything the current and tide could produce and it would cost nothing but new rubber-bands and more tin or plastic or whatever we used to spin round and round. If a Pelton wheel can produce the stuff for no cost, I sure wondered why we weren’t heading in that direction for personal electricity use. Oh, lots of us did, but the collective WE were more interested in hauling 55-gal drums of diesel to use in the noisy generators instead. Such simple solutions are all around us. Go figure why folks choose otherwise.


  4. January 3, 2014 5:42 am

    Living off the grid much of the year 2 things become apparent, first you have to use your head, and two, if you follow one, you can develop very effective energy systems that don’t use fossil fuels (or use very little)

    When we first went “off grid” everything was hard, we live 3 hundred yards from water so the most basic of needs became work, as apposed to turning a faucet. Working chores into everyday life became a “work around” for that until a solar pump and a sand point well can be drilled. A single solar panel and one 12 volt battery went a long way once we learned not to waste energy and do simple things by hand.

    Energy is what gives every (and I mean EVERY) American the prosperity we enjoy. Those that want us off fossil fuels right now are malignant stupid, their little wussie butt’s would be the first to die off as civilization turned back 600 years. That doesn’t mean the rest of us are not concerned with our environment, we most certainly are, one doesn’t live off the grid to not care about our environment or the nature around us. What we want is honesty. As long as political lies (like global warming, or was that global cooling, oh heck just call it climate change…..) dominate the discussion no real solutions will be found.

    I fully support pushing alternative energy forward but cannot support the current marxist regime’s agenda. Their plan will reduce everyone’s standard of living as we pay even more to run our homes and our government with political (read inherently inefficient) “alternative energy” schemes. All one need do is look at the trillion dollars these guys have stolen from us to give to their friends on already failed projects to see the validity of my point.

    Government is never the solution unless it is in war and a few other select activities we must do collectively to achieve the goal, and even then we have seen the political ineptitude destroy thousands of lives.

    There as so many things that can be done, that arn’t being done that fry me. Politics has replaced capitalism so no real progress can be made and certainly no honest discussion can be raised. Do you want a car that gets 10 – 20% more gas mileage, it’s simple, put in a 6 or 8 speed transmission viola! Want to reduce your heating bill 20%, put passive solar collectors in your windows….done! We became so dependent on cheap energy that we got lazy, any new home and many older homes can be built with passive solar concepts that cost pennies and active solar that have fairly quick pay back periods.

    It’s really not that difficult if you have adults running the show.


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