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Desensitizing America

September 19, 2013

IMG_7725There was a recent university study that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on something we already knew. But since ‘we the people’ already know the government likes to spend money on something it doesn’t need to, it is no wonder the results of the study, (..”that adults watching reality shows desensitizes them to social interaction that is inherently stupid by nature”), is something we already know. *Writers note, I believe the study used the word inane instead of stupid, I just dubbed down the word so we knuckle daggers in the fly over states would understand.

We see daily the increased violence and lowered moral values that is happening all around us and some blame it on guns, the bad economy or failure of our schools. Wake up people…. for decades now our television and movies have been glorifying violence and immorality. If you add in the fact that we as parents have had less and less time to spend around our children showing them right from wrong we are definitely beginning to see the results.

Today’s high tech game manufactures are working overtime to produce ever more and more violent games for children to play, and we are told it has no effect on them. I say like the university study it has desensitized them to real life violence. Like the two youths in Oklahoma who killed a man and when asked why they did it said, ‘because we were bored’. We do not need a study to know that when we see, everyday on TV, young woman dressing like hookers and having casual sex that our children will emulate that dress and action because they think its on TV so it OK.

We as parents do not stand a chance trying to have our kids grow up with a sense of morality and a aversion to violence when they have such unlimited access to the crap one finds on the internet, Facebook, Twitter and even text’s from their friends in school. How when we have allowed video games to get ever more violent cane we expect it to have no effect. Then we remove any sense of God or morality from the home, school and our government……what did we expect to get in return?

They used to have compounds for deprogramming cult members and I am thinking of building some cabins out here where there is no link to the cyber world, phone service or TV. At the same time making each client immerse themselves in a study of our founding fathers principles and the many different religions of the world.

However we know that the black helicopters would soon swoop down
because they would say I am promoting child abuse….

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  1. Del permalink
    September 20, 2013 5:17 am

    Yea like a good paddling ( or a good _ss whupping) at home and IN SCHOOL ruined all of us from before the baby boomers to us that are boomers! And the younger generation has no respect for the elders… I still answer with a “Yes Mam or yes sir” to the older generation….. They really don’t know that one of the greatest generations really made America a great nation as well as the world… I sometimes think that the younger generation wants to bring that American pride down and just roll over like the good lap dogs they are being turned into….. Now not all of them are, as I know many that truly believe in the America that was…..
    And they aren’t even teaching them the correct meaning on the constitution in ours so called Gov. Schools……. Crazy!!!!!


  2. Jon permalink
    September 21, 2013 1:42 am

    How can you & why should you expect parents to spend quality time with their kids when they have early childhood(lum) indoctrination, I’m sorry development, school breakfast, latch-key, school day care for those who followed sex ed. to the letter, bus pick-up practically door to door, etc., etc. It’s easier to let someone else do it isn’t it?
    And so the reason for these stupid video games. Another diversion for the kids so the parents won’t have to bother with them & can be busy with their careers.
    Einstein once said words to the effect, “technology is going to turn us into a nation of idiots.”
    Looks like the chickens are home to roost.
    Speaking of stupid studies. I saw something a few years back where a university study determined that sitting in the back seat of a car reduces injury in a head-on collision by 34% as opposed to sitting in the front seat. Sure glad a six-figure study was able to come up with this gem as I’m sure none of us on here would’ve ever figured that out. Sheesh!!
    Try to have a good day, everyone.


  3. September 21, 2013 8:00 pm

    I two hundred percent share your views! as a child we did not had television at home, our father had a strict ration of movies we could see- in place of that we had books, garden, music and pets- I will never be able to thank him enough for that firmness

    I don’t watch gory movies, but even the thrillers are enough to make me turn my gaze or squirm, not out of fear but out of anger or pain


  4. December 24, 2013 1:12 pm

    Pete, I’m inclined to agree with you here. A good whupping was therapeutic!


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