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The new American reality?

August 22, 2013

aliceThough the weather here in Alaska’s interior may be getting back to normal it seems the rest of my country has followed Alice in Wonderland back down the rabbit hole to an alternate reality. I mean seriously folks where else can we find a 30 year old teacher, in Michigan, who molests his 13 year old student and the school board does not immediately remove the teacher. Then we see that two teenagers in Oklahoma murder a man out jogging and when questioned why they did it they say they were bored…

I know one should expect strange things happening in a world where other school children were not allowed to have an invocation at there high school graduation, but at the very same school they have a place set aside for Muslim students to pray. I firmly believe in equality so shouldn’t the Christan children also be allowed the same tolerance as the Muslim children?

Or how about the United States not establishing ‘Radio Free America’ stations in countries we are not on good terms with, but on August 21st in 13 US cities Al Jazeera opened branch stations and is now broadcasting from these American cities. Yes I have not forgotten that Hillery Clinton said Al Jazeera is unlike American news stations because it broadcasts ‘real’ news.

The we have the enlightened courts in New York That have ruled that the law enforcement policy of ‘stop and frisk’ is illegal when based on profiling. I guess it doesn’t matter that the majority of the crimes committed are done by the very people in that profile.

And I am sure it is in there but I just have never found where it is written in the constitution that our government is responsible for teaching our children about sexuality. It must be or else why would they be giving sex education courses in grade schools and distributing condoms and information about birth control and abortions in high school?

When I see these few glimpses inside the upside down world of Americas new reality, it is as if I awoke in some new degenerative ‘Matrix’. And sometimes I feel like I did when I was the last boy on the line, in grade school playing the game of ‘crack the whip’………..

Spinning around and around getting dizzy,
soon to be flung off into oblivion.


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  1. August 23, 2013 2:42 pm

    I’ve always viewed living out as preferable to living in. That would be outside the reaches of everyday society, away from the common problems, oblivious to the changing concerns. However, it was mentioned to me once that leaving it all behind means someone else must deal with those undesirables – and what if everyone opted out? Who’d stay to fight the good fight? I struggle with my preference to un-include myself in what’s going on in our country. I feel an obligation to contribute, to appreciate my freedom beyond just taking advantage of it. The dividing line is a jagged one with sharp edges, and we’re bound to either keep our distance and never cross, or bury it here and there to afford familiar and safe passage. What is the better option?


  2. August 24, 2013 5:20 pm

    The world is out of balance. I don’t know whether it is the system or anything that causes it. But I believe that we still have hope. I believe that every little kindness we do and spread to the world will make a difference. There is a good seed in every one of us, and this seed can eventually be awaken. :D


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