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Out of paper in the outhouse

August 17, 2013

OHNot exactly but I think you get the picture as panic sets in and one looks for something anything to replace the paper. Over the years I have written about many different things, from of course Alaska to natural disasters and from Asteroids and UFO’s to politics. Of late I have begun looking inward and found that most of these philosophical concepts have no resolution. However I find thinking about God, family and the wilderness I live in more comforting, than other topics.

That said, for those of you that could use a taste of the old Curmudgeon, I submit these two short postings that have been floating around in my brain…..

It is inevitable when observing the total lack of common sense and stupidity that is occurring around the world that instead of banging my head on a tree I have decided to create the ‘out of paper in the outhouse’ award. So from time to time as I ferret out some of these monumental acts of stupidity enacted by fellow citizens and government leaders I will metaphorically give them with the award.

I am presenting my first, ‘out of paper in the outhouse’ award to Elliott Bronstein, public-information officer for Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights. He is recognized for the sheer determination to enact/suggest in an email to his colleagues, one that I consider the most moronic proposal of PC language ever. In Late July he proposed/suggested to his colleagues in the Seattle Office of Civil Rights that fellow workers were to refrain from using the words (“citizen” and “brown bag”). It was felt by Bronstein that not all members of the city’s big tent are citizens (true). And brown bags have served, back before the civil war, as a literal skin-color gauge to determine admission to private events or institutions.

For this un-paralleled lack of common sense
and his zealous devotion to political correctness gone amok,
I award him the…out of paper in the outhouse award!


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  1. August 17, 2013 5:46 pm

    It reminds me of Santa! :D


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