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Personal thoughts from Alaska

August 13, 2013

DSC01943It could either be the cool weather, the sight of the yellow leaves in the trees or the absence of hoards of mosquitoes but whatever it is it definitely has improved my sense of well being. Now with summer almost over I can get started on some things I want to do outside the cabin. Not that my to-do list is anywhere near crowded, you have to remember I am not married. Just a little work on the fuel tanks, a new storm flap to keep the snow from burying my entryway and replacing the batteries in my anemometer and that’s it! I am sure I have forgotten many things but when you get older if you don’t write them down they are gone.


I know it’s still over three months away but it seems like every day lately I am thinking about my visit with the grand kids. The trip South last Christmas opened a part of me I never knew was there. Then again it could be connected to just getting older and wanting to not waste whatever time one has. I think that living like I do alone up here one can see some things more clearly because of the distance. Like thinking back to when my mother and dad just ‘stopped’ by while they were out shopping to spend some time with their grand children.

There was no schedule they just dropped by and the kids loved it. And now I understand the ‘frequent’ shopping trips made by my parents, it gave them the perfect reason to ‘be in the neighborhood’. For me my son’s neighborhood is almost 4,000 miles away so that excuse will not work, and for now I will have to be content with a Christmas visit. Although of late I have been thinking of the what-ifs about living closer to them but that subject is riddled with a mine field of problems. So as the clock ticks by another minute is taken from me, one less that I could have spent with the one’s I love.

I know of late I have taken a detour from what I usually write about and started to look at subjects like God, family and life and death, subjects that sometimes have no finite answers. I have enjoyed putting my thoughts about these subjects on paper and I see that you my readers do not mind these diversions so I will be writing more in the future.

However my old persona the ‘Curmudgeon’ has a couple posting waiting
to be polished and posted so I will finish them and then see where life’s road takes me,
and I hope you will follow along.


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  1. August 13, 2013 2:06 pm

    Living; the best part of life.


  2. Terry permalink
    August 13, 2013 2:08 pm

    Anticipation is a nice thing – enjoy it. Just don’t forget to enjoy the autumn weather and a snowfall or two before you head south to visit family ;-) How nice!


  3. unalaska permalink
    August 15, 2013 2:51 pm

    Great sentiments from Tidelines and Terry. I agree 100 percent.


  4. August 26, 2013 1:12 pm

    Some saint–maybe, St. Francis–is reported to have been asked what he would do if he knew he would die that night. His reported response was along the lines of: “I’d probably finish hoeing this patch of spinach” or whatever he was farming. Given the inaccessibility of both past and future, that seems pretty practical…


  5. January 3, 2014 3:45 am

    Wonderful insight of life and family!


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