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An Alaskan Curmudgeon

July 28, 2013

peter1Well most, no all, of those who know me think I am just a grumpy old man, so isn’t that what a Curmudgeon is? Yes this is going to one of those ‘he’s venting his frustrations again posting but I think you may just find some nuggets in here that you can relate to. At times I do feel bad because any new readers of my blog could get the idea that all I do is complain and never talk about Alaska. Then again maybe I do and maybe this is the ideal place to vent those frustrations, because many of you seem to relate to what I am writing. It is just that living in some of the most spectacular surrounding on this earth I should be able to write more about this wonderful place than the foibles of man. Than again after getting frustrated and then venting, living in this ‘touched by God’ spot is what keeps me sane.

Anyway I should have known how this day would be because I woke up to find my eye had once again swollen practically shut. I wonder if doctors or hospitals have a three strike rule? So for the forth time I dove to Fairbanks for yet another guess on what is wrong. Of course I should know better since I am a hard core ‘House’ TV series fan, and should realize that my doctors would be like him where he nearly kills his patients before he figures out what is wrong.

Little did I know this was just a preamble of things to come when a stop at the post office pushed my blood pressure off the chart. It was a letter from (State Farm Insurance) raising my rate for insuring my truck. Of course just like my life insurance company they gave no explanation. But unlike my insurance company I could and did go directly to their office.

This paragraph should all be in bold type because the nice woman who looked up my policy said the increase was because…….drum roll please………..they needed to review my credit score. Is State Farm taking notes from our leaders in Washington, where the hell is the common sense in using a credit score, instead of driving record, to base the cost of buying vehicle insurance? I asked her, as the blood poured from my eyes, does that mean credit scores are more important than an almost 40 year unblemished driving record? I know they say ‘don’t shoot the messenger’, but the urge was there.

Sometimes it’s is a wonder that I don’t reach for the gun instead of the camera when in the past week:

I wake up late because I shut the alarm off and never get out of bed

The price on my drug of choice, nicotine, just went up $7.00 a can and now I can’t afford it. Can’t wait for my postings during the drug withdrawal?

You try to burn a DVD and the computer keeps telling you that no external DVD player is connected even though you just finished watching a DVD on that same drive.

You have run out of blue ink in the printer but you just want to print a letter in black ink but the printer will not work until you replace the blue ink cartridge.

You have been fighting an eye infection for months and the last thing the doctor tried stopped working for the third time.

Putting new ice in the ice chest and the temperature decides to hit 80 again.

Then I had another thought……
maybe venting on this blog lets others see we all have a bad day once in a while.
So for now I will just head down the trail and forget about the day as I walk into the wilderness.

Photograph by Anthony

Photograph by Anthony

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  1. July 28, 2013 3:03 pm

    You’re sane? LOL, sorry, couldn’t resist. Why should you get away scott free on that one, none of the rest of us are. :)
    But didn’t you know? Credit scores are so much more accurate about your driving safety than your actual driving record. Nothing the insurance companies do is ruled by common sense, only by greed. the country may have gotten great by Guns, Guts and God, but it is going downhill fast from Greed, Graft and Gerrymandering


  2. TexasJim permalink
    July 28, 2013 9:48 pm

    Well you vented and it was heard all the way down here on the Rio Grande. Good luck with your eye and keep venting.


  3. Del permalink
    July 30, 2013 8:57 am

    a legal mafia they are!

    you on my lotto list Pete……:{-)


  4. July 30, 2013 2:52 pm

    %$8#@*! $#*)!@+#%! $*& )_+ @#(89$!@+_?>}#!
    Whew, now I feel better.


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