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Alaskan melt down

July 11, 2013

cowboy3No this is not about road rage directed at the thousands of RV’s that migrate here each summer this is just a venting of personal frustration. But I either vent here, with my writing, or pull out the AK and blow away some innocent trees. I am sure all of us, some more frequently than others, have at one time or another experienced abject frustration encountered in our daily lives. On the highway we see it all the time with type ‘A’ drivers leaning on their horns and giving others the #1 sign. It has been a long time since I felt the way I did the other day and I did not like reliving the experience.


The groundwork began innocently enough months ago when I started a quest for the ultimate tea kettle. Here on the edge we have a problem with our water, it is what they call hard water. After a while you get calcium build-up inside your coffee and tea pots. My mother had a wonderful tea pot made out of Pyrex and weighing in at about five pounds it was a prime example of the way things were made in the 40’s and 50’s… built to last forever. In any event I decided this is what I needed and for months have searched every store in Fairbanks for one even close to her beloved tea pot.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I had to go to the ER and have a medical problem taken care of. Within two days of stopping the medicine they gave me my problem returned. So last week it was a trip to my clinic and this time different medicine same results. At this point and being a devote viewer of the ‘House’ TV series I should know that doctors and PA’s are only guessing but again when the medicine stopped the problem was back.

This prompted yesterdays visit to see, yet again ($$$) a doctor. Well on this trip I was told I could not see anyone at the clinic because they were packed, and when using the hospital ER one is charged $750 an hour, even if you were just there, like I was, and they got the diagnosis wrong. (Here after two hours of waiting and then finding out that I could not see anyone for a problem they had already diagnosed wrong is where the match was lit on my frustration)

I did manage to get my pharmacist to give me some additional medicine from the last prescription and I hoped it would hold me over till I managed to get into the clinic. Still running around town I wanted to call my kids but my cell phone was out of minutes so I when I stopped to get gas I bought a new phone card, only to have the card rejected. As I was trying to get back into the store the guard gave me some story about getting the card checked at another door and I snapped, after all I had just walked out this door five minutes ago with the item.

Then at the desk the cashier said they do not reimburse customers for phone cards that do not work, (picture a volcano exploding with the flowing lava burning anybody unlucky enough to be in the way). After almost half an hour and three managers, (walking through the hot lava of my frustration), they resolved the problem, basically they just gave up and installed a new card but I may now be banned from that store? So here I am today with no doctors appointment and I am running out of the medicine I should not have been allowed to get. I do miss the days when we each had a real personal doctor that knew us and our problems and wasn’t hesitant to tell you he didn’t know what was wrong but lets try this or that and see what happens. And would “fit” you in if there was a problem.


I just wanted you to know that life up here in the wilderness is not all

just picking blueberries, catching Salmon and dancing with bears.

However I did find almost the exact tea kettle my mother used on ebay last night,

but who wants to spend almost $50 for a tea pot?


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  1. Terry permalink
    July 11, 2013 1:47 pm

    I believe every word, Pete….unfortunately.


  2. July 11, 2013 2:49 pm

    Tea soothes, and would such balm alone be worth $50?


    • July 13, 2013 1:53 pm

      Without that wonderful aroma and taste the view of the woods outside my window would not be as intense, and it is really close to what was on my mothers stove for decades. But you are correct that’s a lot of money for a cup of tea. Thanks for the comment and visit…pete



      • July 13, 2013 2:11 pm

        Maybe for one cup, but the exponential cost of delight and nostalgia are certainly affordable – and worth the pain of separation from that particular President’s company.


  3. Gina permalink
    July 11, 2013 7:08 pm

    Pete, have you tried cleaning the tea pot with vinegar? Vinegar removes buildups from faucets strainers and heads, coffee pots etc. Might be worth a try. Good luck :)


    • July 13, 2013 1:49 pm

      Thanks for the tip. Calcium is not the problem with the new tea kettle it’s something that looks like a rusty mold??? The kettle was only a week old and I was drying it out after each use but there it was and now it has covered the inside bottom of the kettle. I yearn for the calcium stuff that I could clean out…. Thanks again for the comment and the visit pete



  4. Del permalink
    July 11, 2013 9:41 pm

    Gov is in charge of your health care really sucks doesn’t it!


  5. July 11, 2013 11:38 pm

    Actually, the vinegar trick works for us as well. Very well. Clear, cheap gallon of Vinegar cleans most anything, really. One of those home remedies that you read about in books, but it actually works.

    We have somewhat hard water and things calcify in the inside of he pot. But boil a cup of vinegar in there and it’s like you have a brand new pot. I’d ask where do all the deposits go, but I really don’t want to know.


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