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Legal immigration is not racism…

June 15, 2013

P.1Well true to form our elected leaders have ‘back burnered’ the fact that our nation is broke and are focusing on the illegal immigration issue. However now it seems that not only the ‘gang of eight’ but almost all congressman and senators are in favor of some for of reform. They are focusing on this not because it is the right thing to do but because of the staggering amount of power and money involved.



For those who have not read my past postings concerning illegal immigration let me reiterate just where I stand. Legal immigration GOOD/illegal immigration BAD. My grandparents were (legal) immigrants and I know that the vast majority of current citizens of the United States have some link with (legal) immigration. Basically everyone except native Americans are immigrants or children of immigrants. Laws were set up many decades ago on the (legal) way to immigrate to the United States. Millions of people from around the world have worked within these laws. I have absolutely no problem with anyone, no matter what country of origin, race or religion emigrating legally to the US.

I am however totally against creating new laws that allow people who have committed a crime by illegally entering this country to become a citizen. The reason simply stated is it’s flat out wrong. It tells the people who did everything by the book that they were stupid for following the laws. It also tells those who snuck into the US that there are some laws that need not be followed. Some say that makes me a racist, just because these new improved immigration laws will effect for the most part people from Mexico and South America.

Bullshit, I do not care where you came from as long as you obey the law. If I were to try and cross into Canada without a passport and was found I would be arrested, and none would say that’s because the Canadians are racist. If I was in Mexico and tried to get some free medical help I would be rejected because I am not a citizen of Mexico, so why should it be different here?

Why, because of the power and money involved. Power because the political party that pushes and gets signed into law a bill allowing these illegals to stay here will have an enormous block of voters for there elections and re-elections. And money because of the thousands of companies big and small that rely on cheep labor to stay in business. They will be able to continue to make more money hiring someone from Latin America than an American citizen looking for a minimum wage and benefits. These big companies also do not want someone who understands that a company can not take advantage of him without consequences. You can be assured the money made on the backs of these minority workers will flow back into the coffers of congressman and senators.

It appears the Republicans now see this block of voters slipping away and are now on the bandwagon to enact new laws allowing illegals to stay here. Not because it is the right thing to do but because they want some of those illegals to vote for them not just for the democrats.

So racist…no I do not think I am.
We should allow everyone who wants to a chance to legally immigrate here to do so,
why should I be the only one to have to deal with the economy when it collapses from the weight of so many looking for free government services.

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  1. Del permalink
    June 16, 2013 10:17 am

    good post………. Don’t get me started. 77 here right now & _(muggy})_/ i call it cooling a agent>……….. hear you are going to be warm the next few weeks? I remember in 78 or 9 , It was was in the 90s in Nome. be well


  2. Jon permalink
    June 22, 2013 9:26 pm

    A little late replying to this one. My wife is from the Philippines & when she came here in ’74 she said it took her 6 months to go through the process & it really pisses her off to see this going on. Pete’s right & everyone who has a brain knows the only reason no politician of any stripe wants to touch this is the hope of the reward at the voting booth. Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million of them & later admitted it was his worst mistake.
    If Republicans think they’re going to reap anything from this bullshit they’ll realize again they’re only helping Obamanure with his agenda but they keep on going to the same trough.
    Proves again you can’t fix stupid.


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