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Freedom of speach and the NSA

June 10, 2013

P.1I found myself walking along a nearby creek and looking up I saw that the sky had turned a dark green, with clouds boiling like steam coming from a tea kettle. When I looked down at the water the stream was moving as if being pushed by a tilde wave, at the same time it was turning the color of fresh blood and in it was thousands of fish swimming upside down. I decided it was time to get out of there but when I turned and headed toward my truck I saw it was buried in a massive snow drift. In the next instant I was awake, in my bed, with my heart pounding and doing it’s old arrhythmia skip a beat thing.



It has been one of those weeks where when one good thing happens then you turn around and many smaller things just kick you in the ass. For those of you who enjoy my political satire or my Alaskan stories you probably should skip this one because although sprinkled with snide remarks about ‘big brother’ listening, this one is about the past metaphorically cloudy week. Like I said it started well enough with some good news from my local bank. This feeling of well-being was soon quashed with a visit to the ER in Fairbanks where the results of the cure also comes with severe insomnia, memory loss and apparently weird dreams. Then trying to forget about, well, everything I decide to go online and I am greeted by an email that I sent to myself? I figured just another side effect, memory loss from the medication, but it was not meant to be. Someone, for only God knows what reason had decided to target yours truly and hack my contact list on Yahoo. So here I sit the medication taking care of the problem but me dealing with insomnia and hacked email, life is good.

Normally these next few items would warrant a separate posting by themselves but it has just been one of those weeks, so I will just make a quick observation about each of them.

Big brother is watching used to be science fiction, but this week we learned that it is a reality. Our government is now recording our emails, visits to Google and Yahoo and every phone call we make. The reason given of course is national security, but if you have computers powerful enough to do this couldn’t they also pick out key words that would relate to terrorist activity. Why in God’s name would they need to keep track of say the text messages of teenage girls talking about their boyfriends?

Not to be left out of the (why are they doing this) theme our representatives in Washington are now focused on congressional hearings into the IRS and passage of the new improved immigration bill for illegals. Maybe the drugs I am taking really do give me memory loss, but what happened to our non-existent budget and the sequester crisis? It seems these representatives can never fully resolve any problem we have. They seem to just deal with each crisis until ‘we the people’ forget about them.

A parting thought………
In this day and age with stronger and more frequent (deadly) storms than ever recorded, severe weather changes around the world, more earthquakes, sink holes and foreign governments loosing control of it’s citizens, it is looking like the very balance of nature and our universe is changing.

I think that somewhere in the universe there exist a balance scale for each one of us, where a record is kept of the good and bad things in our lives. I also think everyone should strive to keep their lives and relationships in balance, never taking more than we give.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those in Washington would learn to live with this balance.

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  1. Terry permalink
    June 10, 2013 7:25 pm

    Hi Pete – not sure whether you got my previous message – when I follow the comment on your lower right list, it’s been deleted. Anyway, hope all is well, recuperation is reasonable and you have good drugs ;-)


  2. Del permalink
    June 11, 2013 1:37 am

    Good post Pete! This blogger sums it up too!


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