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Why we have crooks in politics

June 4, 2013

dohEver since I started this blog I have written about what seems to be the insensitivity and stupidity of our elected representatives. It has always struck me that once someone was elected part of that process was for them to have brain surgery and any part of there brain that dealt with ‘common sense’ was removed. I am sure, in some instances, I do not fully understand the ramifications of the passage of certain laws and some of these laws have many ‘international’ ripple effects to take into account. But for the majority of the actions taken by these representatives it leads to only one thing…. blood seeping from your eyes and having ones head explode.

One variable I have overlooked is the people that put these men into office, election after election. I endeavor to never judge anyone but myself for their actions, because I firmly believe in the bible verse “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. That being said I stumbled onto a couple web sites that may shed some light on why these same uncaring crooks get elected year after year no mater what stupid or criminal actions they take. Here are just a few examples of voters that may have elected these people.

Road rage…I think it is safe to say we all have encountered this is one form or another. Weather being cut off while changing lanes or maybe we are traveling too slow for someone, but these guys take it to the next level. It seems down in Florida that two drivers had a problem while driving by each other and reacted, some would say rather badly… They both pulled shotguns on each other and one opened fire.

Whats next AK-47’s at 80 MPH

Or how about another highly intelligent potential voter who was pulled over for a DUI. When he got out of his car pushed the police officer and ran from the scene. This man who now was facing not only the DUI but charges for assault on a police officer led the police in a foot chase. Big thinker that he was he ran directly into a police station, where he was promptly arrested.

I am sure this guy would vote for a reduction in funding for local police.

With the middle East ready to explode, hurricanes and tornadoes destroying thousands of peoples lives these potential voters are definitely on the cutting edge of whats happening in the world. Another example would be Karen Harrelson and her boyfriend Gregory. They had a dispute over who should win on May 15th’s American Idol. Now the couple from York, PA face charges of assault for stabbing each other.

I wonder what they would do if one of them didn’t vote for obama?


And finally in Cobb county GA we find another potential voter who is just ‘crazy’ about listening to music. It seems that after law enforcement officers instructed Ms. Candida Summerlin to lower the music in her car numerous times, Ms Summerlin decided to leave the scene and in the process hit one of the officers. Ms. Summerlin was later arrested after she did extensive damage to her vehicle in the escape.

Maybe she was in a hurry to register to vote…again?


It may only be four examples out of millions
but I think I will be checking these web sites
to find more potential voters.

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  1. June 4, 2013 5:13 pm

    You are lucky there in Alaska because here in the Philippines, politics is dirtier considering the impoverished are plenty and a couple of bucks can secure these candidates a vote. And get this, the number of uneducated voters we have are almost 92% of the voting population. it is depressing since we, the 8% of the voting population can’t do much.

    check out my blog about the status quo:


  2. Del permalink
    June 4, 2013 9:42 pm

    Yea Pete Darwinism is everywhere too… Here is one not far from the house..


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