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Government assistance…my ass!

May 28, 2013

the journalistSomething is seriously wrong with my country when in the largest city in the United States you can buy two 16oz sodas but not a 24oz soda, simply because someone thinks the 24oz soda will make me fat. Considering that this comes from the same government mentality that says it is wrong for a law abiding citizen to buy a large capacity rifle magazine but gives 20 F-16’s to the muslim brotherhood, one begins to think we are living in some kind of upside down world.



I am sure you are hoping by now that this is not another rant on the system of laws in America, well your half right. This short piece came about because of something that happened to me last Friday. I had an accident and ended up with blisters on my eyes and went to see an eye doctor. While waiting at the clinic I noticed on other doctors office windows signs that said, (we do not accept Medicare patients). While the ophthalmologist was examining my eyes he said I should also try and see a skin doctor but he advised me that that doctor would require a cash payment if I had no medical insurance, because he also did not take Medicare.

I have been hearing for months on the news how more and more doctors are now refusing to see Medicare patients and now I have first hand knowledge that it is indeed a fact. It seems that government paperwork and the amount of money Medicare reimburses the doctors is the cause. So what will happen in 2014 when obama-care goes into full effect. Technically, under obama-care, I have medical coverage with Medicare, but what good is it if no one accepts it?

Many people say I am on a form of federal assistance by taking government money in the form of social security and having medical coverage underwritten by Medicare, I say that is crap. Ever since 1964 when I graduated school and joined the Army I have worked. And a good part of those many decades of paychecks has been taken from me for my ‘old age’ in the form of social security and medicare deductions. I paid for my old age benefits….am I now responsible to pay again because our elected representatives in congress and the senate have stolen that money and used it for something else?

I guess I will soon join the millions of illegal aliens
                                                    and just go to the emergency room to see a doctor.

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  1. Tammy k permalink
    May 28, 2013 1:30 pm

    I was at an oncologist office for clinicals and he buys iron at $56 and Medicare pays him $24 to give it at a loss of $32. So his patients go to the hospital and Medicare pays them $500 to do he same thing and they spend all day there vs 20 minutes in his office. He says its why most private doctors are goin it of business and joining group practices or working for a hospital group.


  2. Del permalink
    May 28, 2013 10:50 pm

    Sorry to hear that Pete….. But doesn’t really surprise me… Thank the Carter and then Clinton days for all the raiding that was done to SS….. And I know it won’t be there for me too.


    • Jon permalink
      June 3, 2013 1:37 pm

      Del, don’t forget that SS was actually moved into the general fund during the Johnson administration in ’65. So the raiding began even back then. We all know now that’s why it was set up in the first place; another source of money for the government.
      Once again, Pete’s right in that Medicare may not be accepted under Obamacare. My wife works at Blue Cross here in Mpls. & they’ve been laying off like crazy. It may be the plan to run the HMOs out of business to get everyone on this Obama(don’t)care. Jon


  3. Del permalink
    May 29, 2013 12:15 am


    @cgs_atl: FYI >> Durbin not sure if bloggers should be ‘entitled to constitutional protection’ [VIDEO]


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