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Guns and dozers

May 20, 2013

3d_printer_guns3The printer hummed and clicked as it printed out what was asked of it. We had spent hours getting the programing just right because a wrong calculation could seriously harm whoever ended up with the printed product. The printer sounded its completion but we still had to wait until it was cool enough to touch. At that very instant there was a loud knock on the cabin door, I walked over and looked out the window and could see the place was surrounded by ATF agents and I knew at once they were here to confiscate my printer.

Sounds a bit far fetched but it seems that the federal government is once again interpreting laws to suit there needs. A Mr Cody Wilson is running into a scenario just like this one when he designed, printed and test fired a ‘printable handgun’. His gun fires a single round of .380 auto ammo. Pistols, it turns out, aren’t that complicated. They essentially need nothing more than a trigger, a firing pin, a chamber to hold the round and a barrel to allow it to accelerate out when fired. Wilson’s innovation was making a gun work out of plastic.

Coming soon…background checks for people buying printers?

Like many of you I remember, when I was very young, spending countless hours playing cops and robbers and cowboys and indians. We had a nearby field where we even dug out a deep hole covered it with wood and made it a fort. At times some of us would be outside the fort throwing balls of dirt at the ‘fort’ pretending they were hand grenades. Other times in our back yards we would race around on our bikes pretending we were cops chasing robbers firing our cap-guns at the bad guys, stopping only when we heard one of our mothers holler for us to come in for lunch or dinner. Well there is an old song that fits today ‘The times they are a changing’!

two boysTwo 7 year old boys were suspended for two days from school for pointing pencils at each other and pretending that they were guns. Now we already know that many people carry political correctness way too far and it seems we are now taking to the extreme the total ‘no tolerance’ policy for weapons on school grounds.

But to suspend children for playing Army with a pencil?


Lastly there are many of us who feel frustration with the insanity of some of our governments actions. We may not see it but we carry these frustrations with us and reflect it in our interaction with people we meet. It is wrong and most of us do not even notice that we are doing anything different, but one man decided to drive a bulldozer through a couple peoples homes to relieve his frustration.


Guess we are due for more background checks first it was guns, then printers and now people who drive bulldozers.

Are you still wondering why I live in the woods.

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  1. Del permalink
    May 20, 2013 10:35 pm

    Yes Pete but I think I remember where the Gov confiscated ALL heavy equipment either for the 1st world war or 2nd even in AK… But that was really for a good cause…..
    Nice Pike by the way!!


  2. May 21, 2013 6:00 am

    Reblogged this on aurorawatcherak and commented:
    I do not live in the woods, myself, (I call Fairbanks home and commute to the woods on weekends) but Pete and I share similar experiences and he is so right about what he says here that it deserves a reblog.


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