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Mea-Culpa, obama-care, gay in NBA and King Kong

May 13, 2013

I first wish to thank my friend for her ‘vigilance’ in bringing to my attention all the mistakes on my blog postings over the years. After I researched her ‘comment on Alaskan tales’ I found that she correctly commented that there has indeed been one person killed in Alaska by a wolf attack. I can only offer in my defense the fact that she may have missed the title of the posting ‘Alaskan tales’, and Webster’s dictionary defines the word (tales) as “ a fictitious story or narrative”. Maybe she just didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘tales’? I also offer to you my readers that this incident did in fact happen to me, the way I wrote it, sometime between 1996 and 1997 near the native village of Rampart.

Grizz:kong2Apparently another true story has because of the internet become something of a mythic legend. In 2001 on Prince William Sound’s Hinchinbrook Island a Mr Ted Winnen shot a 10 foot 6 inch grizzly. At the time it was estimated to weigh between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds. Over the years that the story has drifted around the internet the bears size and viciousness has grown proportionally as the years increased. By the time the late Natalie Phillips, an Anchorage Daily News reporter, got around to debunking the story for the first time in fall 2001, the bear “towered 12 feet, 6 inches tall and weighed more than 1,600 pounds.”

The internet sometimes has a funny way of “bending” the truth as it is repeated.

I find it odd to hear that our representatives in Washington are seeking a waver for their staff from following the new rules under obama-care. Of course considering that the representatives themselves are covered medically for life under a special, gold plated, medical plan they did not seek a personal waver.

I wonder what they would do if they did not have this ‘life-time’ medical coverage?

I also find it odd that our president would, within hours of the Jason Collins announcement, call and say “he could not be prouder” that Collins announced to the world that he was gay. The part that seems odd to me is that obama considers this incident so important that he immediately gets involved but when our embassy in Benghazi was attacked he left Washington for a fund raiser in New york. Apparently the announcement was of critical importance since the major television and radio networks had it as their lead story for two days.

Then again considering that we have to show photo identification to board an airplane, cash a check or buy liquor but not to vote I can see why some think news about a gay basketball player is more important than one of our embassies being overrun and our ambassador tortured and murdered.


And finally…
the signs are all here…
mud in the driveway, heater shut down, mosquitoes buzzing,
DOT tearing up the roads and RV’s full of tourists clogging the highways….

I can’t wait for it to snow again


2 Comments leave one →
  1. Del permalink
    May 13, 2013 10:16 pm

    Says it all Pete……..


  2. Jon permalink
    May 14, 2013 12:48 am

    Also military families of those killed in action wait months for a flag & other commemoration to come from the government, too, but this asshole couldn’t wait to hail this event. Always campaigning isn’t he?


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