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The American Matrix

May 5, 2013

alice-in-wonderland-ipad-wallpaper80% of the population of the world is just like Alice in wonderland where she takes the rabbits hand and follows him down the rabbit hole. Smiling and skipping all the way blissfully ignorant to life in the real world around them. Myself I would prefer to be more like Neo in the Matrix and be given the choice of seeing what is really happening with our lives by taking the red pill, although the majority of Americans, I am sure, would prefer the blue pill where they can continue to enjoy hours of sports, MTV, Dr Phil or the unreal world of “reality” TV. Yes I know it is hard just trying to keep up with the expense of just ‘getting by’ but why is that?

I remember back when I was in grade school and my father worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He would come home and yes there would be talks of paying this bill or that one, but we like most other households managed to get by just fine. With just one person working most families, in the 50’s and early 60’s, managed to go on vacations have a nice car and the home they wanted. What has changed so drastically that it now takes two people working full time with one or both of them also with a part time job and yet they are still in debt?

I may be changing my opinion or going senile because I thought the ‘occupy Wall street’ movement was just a bunch of unemployed idiots with too much free time on there hands or people looking for a hand outs from the government and big business. I also thought that a man named Alex Jones was nothing more than a doomsday-er and conspiracy nut, and everything he talked about was just insane babble. But today sitting here in the cabin surfing the net checking out news stories and doing research the fog is slowly lifting and things though not crystal clear I seem to detect a general outline for what is happening.


And maybe it would be something like this…



Here Neo have another beer and calm down, all this talk about a global long term conspiracy to take over the United States is drawing too much attention. I think between you listening to that crazy guy Alex Jones on the radio and those long talks with Morpheus you’ve definitely gone over to the dark side. What do you want to do get us in trouble with the Fed’s? You see Pete that’s exactly it, we were a society that allowed free speech and now if you are even thought to question what the government is doing you are labeled a insurgent and then you disappear. And it’s all done perfectly legal under the Homeland security act… no rights, no lawyer, no trial just a jail cell in a re-education camp somewhere in the deserts of the SouthWest.

Tomorrow I am going to have that long talk with Morpheus he has been promising. He said he will only speak the truth, and only what he has found out himself about what the government is doing, like buying billions or rounds of ammo and thousands of firearms and armored personnel carriers. Wait a minute Neo that’s the same crap that Alex Jones is raving about on his talk show…. No Pete Morpheus has said he has proof that Homeland security is buying all the ammo and firearms and storing it in detainee camps around the country, and what do we need all those camps for? And if that story is true there is room in those camps for all the terrorists in the middle East.

It’s almost like in that old movie the Matrix where people live their lives never knowing that they are not in the real world. The only difference here is our government and governments around the world have made life so difficult to survive so we are so focused on just staying afloat that we never pay attention to the big picture. Hell when we do have some free time the last thing we want to do is think about is politics or what some big wigs down in Washington are doing. No we crack open a beer and watch some TV, play some ball or just try and relax. I am telling you one day we will wake up and the constitution and the bill of rights will be a thing of the past because while we were watching TV or surfing the internet those rights were legally taken away. OK I’m in tomorrow we sit down with Morpheus and let him tell us what he knows? Well maybe not tomorrow it seems no one has seen Morpheus since that trouble at the race last week. You remember they declared martial law and had everyone stay off the streets. I heard they arrested quite a few people when they tried to stop the search of their homes without a search warrant, and you know Morpheus and his love of the constitution. But as soon as he surfaces we will definitely have that talk.

To be continued?


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  1. Tricia permalink
    May 5, 2013 3:49 pm

    Not many people see that the Matrix movie is tha Alice in Wonderland story… But in a pararll universe. Great post!
    Love you & miss you. Xoxoxxo Tricia

    P.S. To answer the last queation.. I would take the red pill.

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  2. May 5, 2013 10:20 pm

    I’ve taken the red pill and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper by the hour

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Del permalink
    May 6, 2013 8:57 am

    :{ ) been wondering where you’ve been Neo?


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