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Terrorist bombings the budget and gun control

April 16, 2013

The sun’s blinding light shines across the many feet of piled snow and I watch as the temperature approaches the freezing mark, but my mind is definitely elsewhere. I know I have been remiss lately in writing for my blog, but many factors are clouding what creativity I have, and for quite a few days I have not turned the computer on. I know I have missed the opportunity to point out the stupidity emanating from Washington with the Presidents budget proposal, the “new” immigration reform bill and the attempt to pass more gun control laws and I will address them shortly. But first a thought on today’s tragedy.


I have to first say my thoughts and prayers go out to the parents, friends and survivors of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Weather committed by a terrorist or some delusional home grown group it once again shows how cowardly these people are. To indiscriminately kill and maim innocent people is truly the act of a disturbed individual.

The perpetrators should be hunted down and executed
with the same respect for the law that was shown their victims.

The president presented his budget on Wednesday and intense original thinker that he is he waited until the Senate and house both passed there own budget and borrowed parts from both of them. The only problem is he and the rest of the bums in Washington do not understand what a budget means. Websters New World Dictionary states that the word budget is “a plan adjusting expenses to income” So where does that exist in any of the three budgets presented?

To you and me it is simple
you just can not spend more than you make.

It was a quiet Saturday morning where most of the radio shows are just highlights of the past week, so I was able to ease into the day without my blood pressure going through the roof. That is until the Saturday morning talk by the President. Now don’t get your shorts in a bunch I didn’t listen to the speech but when the news came on it recaps what was said so thats where I found out that obama was once again showing just how low he can go to win. Anyway the Saturday speech was delivered by the parent of a child that was killed in the Sandy Hook school shootings. Now I am upset by the shooting just like everyone else but obama has stooped to a new low by dragging the grieving parents of children shot and killed to Washington to try an influence the voting on the gun control bill. I know he is not so stupid to realize that no matter what laws are enacted they will not stop tragedies like this from happening.

The kid from the Sandy Hook shootings stole the guns from his parents so no background check would have helped, and reducing the size of ammo clips also would not have helped because he still had to change his high capacity clips when he ran out of bullets. So Just what are the new laws going to do to stop nut jobs from getting there hands on guns? It is just smoke and mirrors and our representatives want you to think they are really doing something to protect us. So they stand on the floor of congress and beat there chests and say look at what I am doing to end the violence, when in fact it will not stop deranged individuals from getting their hands on firearms.

What you waiting for my solution? I do not have one except to say that I believe the seeds for the increase in violence in our youth today was planted years ago. You start with less discipline at home, (ie. no consequence for bad actions), add a more permissive society and desensitize our youth with violent movies, TV and video games.

Put that together and without a moral, (religious), compass
and I am sure we have not seen the last of the mass shootings.

Yes I know this posting is longer than most so I will be brief about the “new” immigration bill.

If you are here illegally you should be arrested and deported
otherwise why create a ‘new’ immigration law that will also be ignored?

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  1. April 16, 2013 11:14 pm

    A few thoughts…
    We complain when there isn’t compromise between parties, and now complain when the president compromises and includes parts of both the bills presented before him?
    I’m sure we’d complain if he ignored both the bills presented to him and wrote his own bill- complaining again about his socialist agenda, but when he does nothing but include the discussed and approved bits by the house and the congress, that’s bad? Goes to show that there’s nothing he can do that will be perceived to be right.

    So the Sandy Hook kids took guns that were already in circulation so no law or rule about purchase or ownership would have made any difference. Probably the same for most gun murders, but that’s just a guess on my part.
    But it doesn’t change the fact that after such an event, people look to those here to protect us to do _something_ and… other than illegally seize guns already in the possession of individuals (bad idea!), or force everyone who could _potentially_ have access to a gun to undergo extensive psychiatric evaluation (bad idea!), the only control they have left is when the guns are sold in the first place- which you aptly and correctly point out, will do nothing to stop outlaws from having guns. So what is your solution?
    It’s the violent movies, TV & video games? Well, those same violent media are present everywhere else where people _aren’t_ being shot by gun-toting psychopaths. Or knife-toting psychopaths like in Texas. Which goes to show you, even if guns disintegrated today, the nut-jobs would still find a way to do their evil.

    And in the desire for those that can to do _something_ you condemn the president for allowing those directly affected by gun violence to speak on it? Maybe you should instead speak to the republican filibuster where the GOP strove to prevent even a _discussion_ about it. What honest citizen and representative of the people they are supposed to serve would deliberately make very effort to NOT address such an important issue? No, this is an act by individuals bought out by a lobby group that seeks to not even let us discuss something. That’s what the House and Senate floors are for. Discussion. But these GOP representatives sought to both prevent discussion on the issue, and prevent themselves from having to show where they stand on the issue.–abc-news-politics.html

    And, lastly, an ironic meme that surfaced after Boston was a photo with the saying “Bombing in Boston.. we’ll introduce legislation to outlaw bombs.” Which sarcastically points out exactly what you said- the legislation does zero to protect us. Since bombs, bomb materials, bomb making and all that are already very, very illegal.

    Oh, and you forgot to mention that when the President spoke about the bombings in Boston, he didn’t use the word “terrorist” or link it with the war on Terror. There’s just so little we know now the to do so would be unconscionable. But I’m certain the previous President would have not hesitated to use it for his political agenda & the war on terror that he started. The problem with starting wars is, there are casualties on both sides, and ending a war is very messy.


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