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April 8, 2013

Steaming tea on a cool morning, with snow lightly falling to once again cover the ground, that’s Alaska in April. April can be full of surprises with some years having warm weather and mud everywhere and others having some of the heaviest snow falls of the year. It’s is like old man winter just doesn’t want to let go, his fingers slip and it warms up a bit but then a couple days later and he grabs you with both hands and you have below zero temperatures and snow. I really enjoyed the drive to town on Friday with a totally clear roadway, no snow or ice patches, it was great. You could enjoy the passing scenery and the occasional animal in the distance, without the chance of hitting an icy patch and ending up in the ditch.

It’s obvious isn’t it that at the moment I have absolutely nothing to write about. Yes I know the crooks, I mean politicians, in Washington are due back tomorrow from their Easter break. Hey… ever wonder if they act like collage kids, on spring break, and find some where to go to party? Probably not they are more likely to be off in hiding somewhere trading favors for cash but I think a picture of a congressman taking a illegal donation from some big company would be worse than one of them chugging beers with a bunch of hookers.

In any event out here on the edge it is SSDD, I do have a couple of postings in the works and I suggest you may want to watch the movie the Matrix to better understand them. Other than that and old Mrs moose still staying out of range of my camera… Yeah I know if I could just get out of bed earlier and walk down to where she and her baby feeds I would have some great pictures, but lets face it I am old and lazy and one day I will be in the right place at the right time.

Till then I’ll put another log on the fire I mean gallon of fuel in the heater
and pull the blanket a little tighter.

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  1. Jon permalink
    April 12, 2013 12:20 am

    April can be finicky here in Mn. too. I’ve seen 95 deg., snow 20″+ in ’83 & ’02, golf ball hail & tornadoes. In April ’84 at the end of a record-setting snow season of almost 100″ in the Twin Cities, a tornado went by 6 blocks from where I lived at the time & 3 days later had almost 10″ of snow!
    Today an ice storm in SW Mn. has done plenty of damage while here the sleet & rain finally turned to snow but much less, about 3-5″, than predicted, although terrible timing at am rush hour! Even had a little lightning & thunder to enhance the snow fall rate. Glad I don’t have to work til this afternoon.
    The much vaunted (sic) light (f)rail was shut down (again) because of ice on the lines & the good old buses bailed out the passengers waiting in the snow. In 6 years of operation 8 deaths have occurred along this damned thing. I don’t think 8 people have been killed by buses in 40 years.
    The good news is is maybe our drought situation is changing.
    See the Steese is shut down again, too.
    Awesome pic of the mountain glacier. Is it named?


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