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Out the cabin window

March 30, 2013

P1010021.JPGThere are some things that pass briefly through my brain that ‘for the moment’ I find either interesting or strange. They are like an itch that requires you to scratch and then forget about. I could probably write a few paragraph’s on some of them but for the most part they are just passing thoughts. So I thought I would write a few of them down and post them to see if you also want to scratch at them. And based on the last posting many of you appreciate these ‘brief tidbits’ I think I will make this a regular part of my blog.


I find it strange that we are not hearing the same media uproar about the sequester that we heard before it went into effect. I loved the propaganda by the media showing the President in the background and little children standing at the White House door being told they can’t have a tour. Or the constant buzz on the news about all the “important’ parts of our government that would have to shut down like…National Parks service having to cut their hours of operation or the FAA removing controllers from many regional ‘private plane’ airports. The one that got me however was that the TSA will have to enforce a hiring freeze as a direct result of the sequester then they turn around go out and make a new $50 million dollar purchase of uniforms. We folks it is all crap. The sequester only limits (INCREASES) on future expenditures and has nothing to do with the present spending by government agencies.

For those interested in living in a democracy I would strongly advise against any thought of moving to NY city. It seems there is a slow constant erosion of your freedoms in that town, unless of course you agree with the mayor. First he decided (as we already know) that your fried foods were too greasy and outlawed certain types of cooking oil, then he went after the super-size soft drinks again claiming he was doing this for your own good. Since anyone with half a brain knows that fatty foods fried in more fat and gallons of soda were not good for our health isn’t it our right to make our own choice about what we put into our bodies?

This one really makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. By the time this is posted the banks in Cyprus should be open for business but the government closed them because people like you and I were withdrawing all our money from them, after they were told they would be taxed on whatever money they had in the bank. This tax was for the EU bailout of the government and was on top of their regular yearly taxes. The EU said Cypress banks were making bad loans and investments and if they fail it would bring down there government. So once again the average citizen will end up with the bill for the for the actions of big businesses .

This article is from a German newspaper.
“Financial institutions there have reportedly hired extra security in preparation for an onslaught of furious customers. For the last several days, they experienced what it’s like for a country to literally run out of money. Many service stations only accepted cash, and some kiosk owners closed up shop when they ran out of cash to make change.”

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Remember our own government bailout of the big banks? Our money wasn’t taken from us to help the bank because our government could just print more worthless money to prop them up. What do you think will happen when the money we print no longer has any value?

Lastly this thought…
There is something wrong with a state or country when you can be arrested and fined for hunting or fishing without a license, but if you are here illegally you are eligible for medical care, food stamps and a free trip home.


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