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Forgotten things…

March 17, 2013

On of the blogs I follow is excellently written by a woman from Unalaska. Unalaska is located in the Aleutian islands about 800 air miles West of Anchorage. Her blogs are varied and range from native culture to life today on Unalaska. At times like myself she can surprise her readers and last night was no exception. She posted a picture of a corner of her cabin, laden with ‘stuff’ accumulated over time. At the end of her posting she requested her readers to show our examples of our treasure filled forgotten corners. I humbly submit one corner and one shelf from my cabin for her consideration.



Though not as eclectic as the corner of her cabin, this one corner of my cabin contains besides the batteries that run my place a set of shelves with various tools and spare parts from projects long forgotten. With that there are many work related items that I could never throw out because surely ‘one day’ they will be needed, even if I do not know what for. The second set of shelves is part of my larder with various stored foods.



On to a shelf that is my catch all for smaller items and ones that are used most often. We find everything from different types of tapes to seal boxes and fix things to the many pens and sharpies that find there way into my life. Add to that lighter fluid for my ‘one’ vice to the ever useful tin of Bag Balm. Top all this off with spare keys from forgotten doors to glasses, clothespins, eye drops, pocket knife to magnifiers for my tired eyes and you have the all purpose catch all cabin storage area. And oh yes even an decade old package of Chia pet seeds that was never used.

So Sharon don’t shake your head you are in good company, for I firmly believe everyone has some kind of corner for forgotten things only to one day rise from the depths and be once again a part of our lives.

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  1. unalaska permalink
    March 17, 2013 3:47 pm

    Wow! Your “corners” are so neat and tidy! I’m impressed. I’m chuckling about your comment about not throwing things away. Because you know, and I know that as soon as you throw that one thing out, you will be kicking yourself next week because you finally find a need for it. I’ve done it. The most horrible instances are when I go on a minimalist rampage and throw something out that clearly is not something I have saved myself…but belongs to the husband. Thanks for the pictures and the kind words, Pete.


  2. Jon permalink
    March 17, 2013 11:31 pm

    I don’t know how to post pics of my collection of ’80s GM radios that I have for my ’84 Olds Cutlass. Never know when one craps out, as these are going on 30 yrs. old now. Usually the heat sink goes from overheating, especially if someone (like me) uses aftermarket speakers that are 4 ohm to hook to a radio that requires 10 ohm spkrs. In my restoration process, & since I learned this the hard way, I’ve gone back to factory speakers. You ham radio people might be interested in this. The newer radios are compatible, I guess.
    Other than that, I’m always picking up odd screws, etc. when I go. Never know you might need the stuff, but I doubt it!!
    You guys out in the bush are wise to hang onto the stuff you do; never know when you can improvise to make something work in a pinch.


  3. Terry permalink
    March 18, 2013 7:52 pm

    Just let me say that you do not need to live in the bush to keep stuff that doesn’t match what’s left, is too good to throw away, not sure where it came from, might come in handy – my place proves it.


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