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Fire walker and the middle East…

February 6, 2013


Usually occurring on some remote South Pacific island, fire walking, is an interesting ceremony to observe. When you watch a video of someone walking on the hot coals, if you look closely at their face and watch their foot movements you will see the telltale signs when they step on an unusually hot coal. Well actually its not their face so much as an increase in speed as they walk and an immediate lifting of the foot in question. I am sure by now you are wondering where this could possibly be going, well people listening to the news, if they have half a brain, are akin to a fire walker in that some news stories make us mentally flinch. So today I present to you some ‘hot coals’ that deserve being extinguished
Doesn’t anyone find it curious that last year every news agency in the world was focused on the ‘wonderful Arab summer’ revolt. You could not tune into any news program without hearing how great it was that ‘the people’ of Egypt were tired of being run by an oppressive regime. This fall and winter ‘the people’ of Egypt are revolting and again dieing in a revolt because Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood is no better than the last president. But other than short updates on body counts and what the Egyptian government is doing to quash the ‘bad’ revolutionaries there is NO support for them. Last summer our government was falling all over itself to praise the new Islamic government and it seems that we are still working from the same play book. I guess the powers to be in Washington forgot the Islamic brotherhood calling for the downfall of the great satan???

While I am writing about Egypt, riddle me this. Radical Islamic factions are our enemy and Egypt is now run by the Islamic brotherhood. Has everyone forgotten we backed Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and he masterminded the September 11 attack. So why are we now giving Egypt a billion dollars in aid including 20 F-16’s?

I am not an aircraft buff but don’t they have the range to be able to strike Israel?

Forget the new proposed gun laws, forget allowing illegal immigration to continue and yes forget that our representatives do not care that they are trashing our countries future, this ‘fire walker ember’ should anger you more than any other. This morning on the news it was reported in a justice department memo that the United States could kill US citizens that were “believed to be” working with or for al-Qaeda. The wording of the memo is so vague it states that an “associated force” even if not engaged in an active plot could be targeted for murder.

In this day and age when the president and his people get upset over the water boarding of actual terrorists someone in the White House must have taken the time to request this memo from the justice department. I believe that anyone even a US citizen engaged in terrorist activity should be tried and sentenced, and if their activities resulted in innocent lives being taken they should be executed. But the wording of the memo states ‘believed to be’ not convicted. It also talks of an ‘associated force’ one could take that to even mean the Tea Party.

When are people going to wake up and see that the administration is laying the ground work for some form of democratic dictatorship, where all opposition is dealt with swiftly. No I am not Alex Jones and we should not run to the bunkers because the end is near.

I just know the founders of this country
would back me when I say this is wrong!


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  1. delbert permalink
    February 7, 2013 10:28 am

    pete that was a great rant/read. Tell all hi in Joy>>>>> AK…….


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