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Yaesu, Jimmy Choo and books

December 15, 2012

I know the fealing, like your sitting in front of the TV watching a good ‘who done it DVD and they switch gears and it showing some romantic scene… you start to reach for the remote but it’s just my blog, so no fast forwarding. I did warn you that the cutting wit and irony of my normal fair would be on vacation for a number of weeks… So just like switching from ‘NCIS’ to ‘My three sons’ here is another few days from my visit.

CQ, CQ, CQ no not quite. Anthony drove me to Texas towers for an up close and personal look at the Yaesu FTDX-3000. It was an impressive radio, with sensitivity, selectivity and preformance on paper were truly inspiring. But none of the transceivers had mikes connected so a stealthy test was out of the question. I am sure they would have pluged one in but in what kind of ham store is it when you have to ask to try the gear? I have been to an HRO outlet and after you have shown them your license your good to go on any of the radios. Here they had one antenna and one antenna feed for the tranceivers, besides not having them connected to a microphone. In any event I decided this was not the radio I wanted and the Icom 7600 still ranks number one on my wish list.



0Now here was an interesting trip. It was though I was on some alien planet. Everything looked the same but different the people walked around it seemed like pod people, as if in a trance. It was like looking at a picture and your brain was telling you something was not right. What cut through the fog was when I turned and took a close look at the cars parked there. Mercedes, BMW, Hummer and Mazaratie with the Lexis being the cheapest car there. Then I took a closer look at the stores in the mall. Jimmy Chow, Diane von Firstenburg and others it was as if I was transported to Rodao drive in Beverly Hills. Talk about feeling out of place, from a cabin with no utilities to a mall where the price of a hand bag, shoes and a dress would equal a new four wheeler! But it was fun to watch the ‘A’ list people go about their business, waiting for some movie star to appear out of a doorway. So I thought why not trade in my pick up for a new car….



5It is wonderful to see children raised without the need for TV and to truly love to pick up and read books. The few days I have been here I can say that the kids have no desire to be dumped in front of the TV really they have more fun interacting with people, playing with their toys or sitting down with a book. If you leave them alone for a few minutes they gravitate not to the toys but the books. That’s not to say they do not like to play, because even back when I was in my 30’s they would have worn me out. Fun for them can even be as simple as being out walking. You would be amazed at the stuff that they see that we miss. I guess what I am saying, and yes I know I am prejudice, is that both Sophia and Kai are on the right track as far as where their heads are.


So just like the old TV show ‘The outer limits’,
I now return control of your remote to you
so you can now go on to the regularly scheduled show
tomorrow Santa and JFK………….


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