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Conspiracy the new reality?

December 3, 2012

INDONESIA-ATACKS-EXERCISEAs I looked out my cabin window the fog drifted through the spruce trees. At times I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I thought I saw movement but whatever it was, was quickly lost in the swirling mist. Every now and then it seemed like there were many men walking around. They appeared to be men in black, NO….not suits and ties but body armor and black ski masks. Yeah I know I wasn’t awake yet, still waiting for the coffee to brew, it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me. Then instantly I heard the sound of a chopper, as if it had just cleared the top of the hill and bam the sound wave shook the cabin. I realized it had stopped directly overhead, its massive downdraft clearing the morning’s mist. It was then I saw for sure those ghostly men now emerging from the woods, but more unnerving was that they were all carrying assault rifles………

Many years ago in another universe I spent some time working in the oil fields of Oklahoma. I remember those first days as a ‘swamper’ around the oil rigs. That’s what they called a guy like me, running around the back end of a gin truck grabbing the big I hook and wrapping that and the 2 inch steel cable around anything that was on the ground that had to be moved. This was all accomplished while trying to walk and run in mud two feet deep, that sucked at your leg with every steep. The hours were long but the pay was good so we didn’t even give it a second thought when they capped every wellhead that produced oil. I was, at the time young and dumb, and was only concerned with making money so I never even thought about why they were doing that.

Today here in Alaska we have potential oil fields that would rival Saudi Arabia. Add to that some of the largest deposits of natural gas in the world and you have a state that even today runs with a balanced budget thanks totally to our natural resources. So why don’t they explore and produce more of this enormous potential? Maybe it’s just like the wells I worked on in Oklahoma so many decades ago, they are waiting………

I am not a conspiracy buff per say, but lately I have begun to seriously wonder why it is taking decades to get our North Slope natural gas to market. Alaska has a number of nations, right this minute, willing to sign long term contracts for this gas. Enough in fact to offset the cost of building the pipeline and processing plants needed for the operation. Yet every year the state finds one reason after another to put off the project. I can understand the delay in new oil field production it’s the federal government with all it’s regulations. In fact this summer an oil company spent millions of dollars moving a drilling rig across the ocean to drill off the coast of Northern Alaska, only to have it delayed for months because the federal government said it did not yet meet there oil spill safety standards.

A news report the other day proclaimed that by 2035 oil production in the United States would equal our oil use. They said it was a result of new drilling techniques and increased offshore production. ‘In the WEO’s central scenario, the United States becomes a net exporter of natural gas by 2020 and is almost self-sufficient in energy, in net terms, by 2035′. Wouldn’t this then mean that the cost of oil and gas would drop significantly? FAT CHANCE… Right here in Alaska less than ten miles from my cabin over 350,000 barrels a day of crude oil passes by in the Alaskan pipe line, and we pay some of the highest prices for gasoline in the nation. So why not increase production? Why not have more offshore drilling? Why am I paying almost the highest price in the nation for gasoline and heating oil? This is why I started this posting with the symbolic use of helicopters and armed ‘men in black’, because………

( it just may indeed be a conspiracy by our government and the oil companies).

I am wondering if Washington and the American oil companies think that
if we let the foreign nations deplete there oil reserves,
the country with the most oil left will be the new richest government on earth.

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