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Old age, games and children

November 26, 2012

Random thoughts on a cold day…
It was another of those mornings when the coffee was not done yet were you walked in circles waiting for it to brew, your brain still just emerging from the fog. As I looked out my window down the mountain at my neighbors home the smoke from her fire swirled and twisted in the heavy wind. My thoughts sparked on an odd memory of me hugging a toilet bowel after a night out. That was youth now in my old age I hug the heater to stay warm. With the wind blowing this hard the cold air will indeed manage to find a crack in the armor of the insulation put in, to make the cabin a tad bit cooler. When you have a steady wind blowing at a steady 20 miles per hour and a temperature of -9, any errant breeze that makes it in will be enough to lower the cabins temperature to 53^ as it now is.

Why am I writing about this…? Maybe its more for myself than you. Maybe the thoughts roaming around in my head become clearer as I write about them. I remember when I first moved out into the bush, then I secretly considered myself a real Alaskan, and ‘real Alaskans’ would consider -20˚ as cool and not get concerned until it got ‘cold’ at around -50˚. Now a decade after moving out into the bush and getting within throwing distance to 70 years old, that -20 is to me cold, and anything below zero when the wind is blowing pomps me to stay inside as much as possible.

No matter black or white, Christian or Muslim, rich or poor
the one thing everyone on this planet shares is
old age the true equalizer…

Kids as politicians

I never thought of it as a game, but I did it many times when I was a kid in school. You know when your walking along and find an old soda can in the gutter and for some reason you just start to kick it along as you walk. Well we supposedly have 535 representatives in Washington that are playing the ‘kick the can’ game. Metaphorically the United States budget is the can and for 3 years and 7 months and 27 days they have kicked it down the road. They chose to first wait out the election and then go on vacation without enacting a budget. All this while ‘we the people’, weather we work in an office or WallMart, have to live within a balanced budget from paycheck to paycheck.

No matter my political feelings…this is not a Republican or Democrat rant. This is directed to all members of Congress and the Senate.

They ALL are worthless cowards, afraid to make the necessary cutbacks to balance the budget.
They are ALL failing to do their jobs, looking instead to raise taxes rather than trim the ‘pork’ they dole out to the people and companies that finance their reelections.

Congress caused our economic problems
we the people have to live with it…

Amateur radio
On a brighter and puzzling note, a couple days ago while I was listening to the radio I came across a young boy named Christopher, K2CLH, from Idaho. We spoke for a few minutes and I found out he was first licensed when he was 6 years old! He is 10 now and on the radio he operates with a maturity that would put some old Hams to shame. I checked out his listing on QRZ, in the callsign database and read words that written by an enthusiastic, intelligent young man. Since that short conversation I have wondered why… Why one young man would grow up with such a positive focus on life and yet others seem, even as children to have given up. I am in no way saying that being a Ham is the answer to the question, but in reading his page he mentioned that his ‘parents’ were active Hams.

I think the reason he got his license is because his parents gave him the opportunity to see what amateur radio is about. I also think that parents that would do this would also give him the structure and opportunity to do many other positive things. I feel it is the parents that mold our children, be it for good or ill.

The most important job in the world to me
is guiding our children
in the right direction…

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Del permalink
    November 26, 2012 11:36 pm

    remember those cold days too….


  2. AussieAlaskan permalink
    November 27, 2012 9:26 pm

    One of the good things about aging IS children, and grand children – even if you are tired or feeling the cold temps and the coffee isn’t ready yet, they make you appreciate what you have done in life.

    Stop up those drafts, Pete :-)


  3. Jon permalink
    November 30, 2012 1:43 am

    Just got the hard drive back from the shop. Great posting as always,Pete.
    Speaking of age, we saw The Who the other night for the first time downtown Mpls. The 2 survivors are pushing 70 but they can still rock! I knew their history enough to bring ear plugs; they came in handy! I won the tix from a radio station & I won my wife a t-shirt from another radio station which was doing a live remote from the restaurant we ate at.
    Stay warm up there; we all look forward to your postings of wisdom in this world of i-pods & texting which leads to inattention!


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