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Wind’s of change…

November 15, 2012

The winds howled as they drove through the now naked trees surrounding the cabin. I didn’t really notice the wind earlier, (being deaf and playing a noisy DVD), but now as I lay in bed at times is was like the sound of a jet flying over the house. This wind I would soon find was simply heralding a change in temperature out here on the edge. For the past week I have been mildly amused seeing the difference in temperature between Fairbanks and here. One morning it was -27 at the airport in town and a +5 at the cabin. Over all for the past couple weeks it has been warmer here than in town, but that was to change. Now it’s running below zero every night and in one 24 hour period it hit -10 and never rose higher than -5 during the day.

Why am I telling you about this….well when people don’t have anything to say they usually talk about the weather. Not that there isn’t many important things happening in the world, it is just that my mind is drawing a blank on what to write about them. I guess when you get old you tend to not multi-task as well as when you were younger. For the past few weeks I was focused on my daughter and her move to Pennsylvania, then it was Sandy and the people I know that lived in it’s path and finally the inconceivable win by obama. I think that seeing the support for him and his policies has put me into a mental fog.

I could not believe that only 56,900,000+ Americans voted to return our country to the once great and respected nation it was, but over 59,500,000 americans voted to continue on it’s current path of weakness and immorality. Who are these people? Do they really understand what it means to be an American? On a positive note over 40 states in the union have now started petitions to withdraw from this union. Based on the number of votes cast on election day it will never happen, but what if they all moved to just one or two states then we would have the majority wouldn’t WE??? Our founding fathers went to great lengths to attempt to insure no one could be President and rule this country like a dictator. They were fed up with rule by a King who did whatever he wanted by simply making it the law of the land. Isn’t that what our president has done over the past four years? When he couldn’t get something he wanted passed in congress he simply made it a presidential proclamation.

History is a wonderful subject. If you read enough you will find periods in our history that match what is happening today. Our grandparents lived through economic and social times that would make what is happening today seem insignificant. They managed to survive and in some cases flourish so there is hope. We the minority must maintain our principles and try and live with what we can not change. But we must never give in to the majority because it would doom our children and grandchildren to an America that the nations founding fathers did not want……

…an America without morality

ruled by a king……

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  1. Del permalink
    November 15, 2012 10:54 pm

    Yea Pete just imagine living in Alaska in the early 20’s or earlier… How did they survive without the government in every nook and cranny of their miserable existences????
    The amazing part is that more Republicans voted for McCain in 08 then they did for Romney. And about 8 million plus didn’t come out fro the Dems and they still pulled it off…..
    This is kind of funny too..


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