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United States is not broke!

October 5, 2012

Ms. Hillary Clinton said Friday 9/28 that we needed to do more to support the nations, (Egypt, Libya and Tunisia), that have emerged from the arab spring uprisings. Apparently President obama agrees, because the obama administration notified congress, also, on Friday that we would “give” Egypt a $450,000,000 dollar emergency cash infusion of the one billion promised them. So this can only lead us ‘common’ folk to think that the US is not broke and just printing money that we have no way of backing up. We must also have been thinking incorrectly when we thought that the Social Security and Medicare accounts were almost empty. The very thought that we actually needed a budget now seems quite insane, why bother when we can give away hundreds of millions to people who have openly proclaimed they wanted to kill us and in the case of one of our ambassadors actually did.

‘We the people’ must truly be dumb to think we shouldn’t support our enemy. Look at how well we did when we supported osama ben laudin while he was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. We provided weapons and money and he turned around and in one action killed almost 3,000 Americans. I must have a very small mind to think we should get our own house in order and on solid financial footing before we go and try to buy off, I mean, help groups that hate us.

I can see now how narrow minded I am,

but I think I will stay that way.

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  1. Del permalink
    October 5, 2012 10:04 pm

    Remember Pete that’s how they get what they want from the dumasses! Hope all is well with you Pete. Stay warm I see the big chill is getting closer….


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