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Moose, SSDD and hot air…

September 9, 2012

For those emailing me I have been sick all week. Something called walking pneumonia. Although I don’t know why it’s called that I do know that you can only sleep in the sitting position. And when you have to cough every few minutes it makes for very long days.. and nights. But like that old bird rising from its ashes, last night I was able to get the first real sleep in a week. I also noticed as I went outside that yellow is now the dominant color, both in the trees and on the ground. (As seen in the ‘picture of the week’ in the top right column) taken just down the road a bit. This was reinforced by a 34^ overnight temperature and many hunters on the road looking for moose for there freezer. I indeed wish them success in there hunt and remember how good that moose steak dinner was so many years ago. I may be old and my memory getting more holes in it but sitting down to dinner at Rose’s just after moose season was anticipated muck like looking forward to a holiday. Rose made a country fried moose steak that would have your mouth water the moment you walked into her home. Oops sorry I must still be delirious from the pneumonia…….

That old saying SSDD, ‘same stuff different day’ took on a hole new face this morning.

First I need to confess that I occasionally listen to Glenn Beck. Years ago, when he broadcast from Philadelphia, I started every morning, here in the cabin, with his show. Back then he was not a major player on the talk show circuit and he dealt more with his personal views and issues. He opened himself up and revealed things about his religion, drinking and political views. Now most of the time I tune in he and his cohorts are laughing it up and making almost no sense when they discuss the issues of the day. But today I caught a glimpse of the old Beck.

They had made a tape of obama’s speeches from 2008 and 2012 where he said the exact same things with regard to our economy, big business, our schools and his call in 2008 that he just need ‘a’ chance to change these things. I look at it this way… If my house has a broken heater, a flooded basement and I can’t make the mortgage payment because I lost my job and someone said give me four years and I will fix these problems. Then four years later when the water was reaching the second floor and we were still using camp stoves to heat my now foreclosed on house nothing has changed and they are again asking for another four years to fix the same problems, I would have to be a idiot to say Ok go ahead and try again.

I will find it quite amusing to watch the results on election eve when millions of people are dumb enough to say go ahead and try again and expect something to get better…SSDD

When reading the paper a week ago I was captivated by the front page story about the Eva Creek wind farm. Not because this is something new here in Alaska, we also have two other wind farms down near Anchorage and a host of others throughout the state, but because of what the Utility that owns it said. The GVEA utility said the people of Fairbanks who get there electricity from GVEA and thus the new wind farm should not expect to see any reduction in there electric bill’s. To me this seems a bit strange because when GVEA was lobbying to start up the wind farm they kept saying how many thousands of dollars it would save because it would not have to use oil to run the turbines, they would be run on ‘free’ wind energy.

Yes I know there is a $93 million dollar investment that must be paid off, but any business will pass on some part of that savings to it’s customers otherwise they, the customers, would go elsewhere to get ….. oh hey I just realized they, GVEA, is the only electrical supplier up here so they can do pretty much anything they want. Pay off that investment in a shorter time by simply not passing on any savings to the lowly customer and when people forget about Eva Creek and it is paid off they will just keep the profit from the free power generated by our winter winds.

Sometimes it pays to be the only game in town, but I would watch out some of those customers may just get the idea that they can do the same thing with a wind turbine in there own back yard.

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  1. Jon permalink
    September 13, 2012 11:50 pm


    Been awhile since I commented; now only to say I hope you’re better soon.

    Your story about GVEA & their “free power” reminds me of new taxes or a bump up in present taxes ( sales taxes come to mind first) to pay for a convention center or a stadium, as is the case here. Like you say people forget about these “little” bumps & the fact no politician has the guts to put in a sunset provision on the “little” bumps means the tax is in & when the project is paid for they can always find something new to piss away our money on so the “little” bump never goes away. Disgusting & another reason for term limits.


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