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The budget, RNC and moose

September 3, 2012

All politicians are just like magicians who somehow make you look in one direction when the trick is happening somewhere else.

Baseball and football season, vacation time, backyard BBQ’s, weekend trips to the mountains or the shore, mindless TV and an upcoming presidential election. Just like the magicians of old our representatives in Washington are happy we have our minds focused elsewhere. With the upcoming election only a little over two months away they, and the President, do not want you to realize that not one of them are addressing the most important issue of our time… that our government (((still))) does not have a budget. It was over three years ago in April of 2009 that the last budget was passed by the senate. Considering that passing a budget for the United States is among senators’ legally required duties, someone is not doing there job. If we mere mortals did not pay our bills and spent more money than we earned we would be homeless or in Jail. I like that last part, if only we could hold the threat of jail time for those not passing a new budget, hummmm.

The republican convention is now history, well maybe not history but it is over anyway. To me it was not a memorable one on any level. I look to both conventions for speeches or quotes or even ideas put forth that stir something inside me, but this one left me wanting something anything to hang my hat on. I an neither Republican nor Democrat but I know I will not vote for the man currently in the White House and I was looking for that spark of something to make me (want) to vote for Romney. It just wasn’t to be, so when they said Clint Eastwood would be a speaker I thought I would get my fill of patriotism, (aka “pry the rifle from his cold dead hand”), from his speech. He did make a good effort by having a conversation with the empty chair on the stage, signifying obama’s empty promises. Visually it hit the mark, an empty chair on the stage and an empty chair in the oval office, for a President who is never sitting in the White house but out either campaigning, raising money for the reelection or on some exotic vacation at taxpayers expense. I will continue looking for that one thing that will make me want to pull the lever next to Romney’s name, until then I will vote for him because we can not afford another four years of socialism.

Yes it is that time of year when thousands of Alaskans head into the woods in search of moose. For some getting a moose will mean 300 to 500 pounds of meat in there freezers others it is a week or so living as our ancestors did in some hunt camp far from the stress of city life. Whatever the reason in 2011 over 40,000 people got hunting licenses and moose tags, of that around 17,144 actually went hunting and only a little over 7,660 got there moose. I have been on a few moose hunts and have helped dress out a number of moose, and trust me it is hard work. Even when you have finished butchering the moose in the field you have the task of getting all that meat back to your home and into a freezer. Considering some hunters travel hundreds of miles on bad roads to then get into there boat to travel again sometimes hundreds of miles down rivers. Where they hike more miles to there favorite spot next to some remote pond or lake and then they sit, wait and sometimes pray that a moose will pass there way. To some it may seem like way to much work, but then again if you have ever sat down to a dinner of moose steaks you would understand.

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  1. del permalink
    September 3, 2012 9:51 pm

    Yea Pete I remember my first moose hunting trip that my GPA took me on….. I was 14 he was in his early 70’s… We went up good pasture 40 miles by boat… HE did all the driving of the truck and boat , launching , caching gas so we could get back home and cooking and putting us on a moose….. We didn’t know anything. we were just basically the shooters. When we baged he dresses it out and we just did the humping of the meat….. He was and still in my mind the toughest man I new….. Hunted like that until his 80’s too…. Heck of a pioneer….. You might reconize his name.. The called him Hutch…… James T Hutchison


  2. AussieAlaskan permalink
    September 4, 2012 7:54 pm

    Consider the “others”, and I hope you might get to enjoy a moose steak this year! :-)


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