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Photo ID, firearms and grizzly bears…

July 16, 2012

Without my nightly fix of internet access to worldwide newspapers and informational web sites the topics I can comment on are quite limited. I now venture a mile down the hill to the ‘Trading Post’ so I can read the daily newspaper, but it is a paper that has a definite slant as to what news it covers. It is true I still have the usual suspects on the radio but again they are biased, and I can not research there “statements of fact”. So what am I left with this week.

Well for one thing the Department of justice has stoped the state of Texas from requiring people voting to have a photo ID. This to me is a no brainier, I have always had to show photo ID to vote. I have lived and voted in two states PA and Alaska and both require identification. The department of justice says it is racial bias to require that ID. I am wondering why they said that far more minorities do not have photo ID, thus the racial bias. I believe that most if not all states have some form of photo ID you can get even if you do not have a drivers license, so what is the problem? To me this is just another example of the federal government putting its nose into state’s affairs.

We also have the coming storm clouds of the UN meeting in NY, where they will put up for adoption a world wide policy of civilians not being allowed to have firearms. I believe I read that oboma said he will sign and support this policy when he addresses the UN. (again remember I have no way to check these facts but I do remember a news report stating what I have just written).

If we stretch my memory back to high school I do remember being taught that one of the most important reasons for the constitution was to restrict the federal government from telling the states what to do. Unfortunately the department of justice people must never have read it. And don’t get me started about the UN telling the people of America what to do about there right to bear arms. What’s that about anyway? Why would they care if a farmer in Nebraska, an auto mechanic in Denver or even a old fart in a cabin in Alaska has a few firearms.

Are they looking to establish some kind of world government?

On the home front…A young women last week held off a young grizzly bear for over an hour with just her walking stick and a bottle of bug spray. Yes I said bug spray! It seems she and her two small cousins were hiking back from an overnight camping trip and were charged many times by one or more young grizzlies. On one of the charges she said she sprayed his face with the bug juice then whacked him over the head with her walking stick. (I wish I could put a link up for this story it is quite amazing but if you check the July 14 or 13th issue of the Fairbanks Newsminer newspaper you should be able to find it). They all did manage to make it to the trail head and safety, but I can not even think of walking in these woods without a handgun I think she also realized this because the next day she went out and bought one.

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  1. July 16, 2012 6:34 am

    Great story! My kind of English professor!


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