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Fire, rain, heat and morality…

July 10, 2012

With forest fires burning in the West, massive thunderstorms knocking power out in the East and temperatures hovering at or near 100, this summer it looks like it is a good thing to be living up here in Alaska. We have only a small number of forest fires burning around the state and only one burning nearby right now and though it has been raining pretty good the past week lately it has been somewhat rain free. Even the temperatures are cooperating with overnight’s in the 40-50’s and daytime just reaching 70.

Was that gloating…maybe but then again I always hear about how bad people think we have it when winter is here and temperatures are -20 or -30, so turn about is fair play.

The other day I heard an interesting discussion on the radio as I drove into Fairbanks. It seems that whenever there is a holiday, July 4th, for instance the normal talk show host’s take the entire week off. So there was an unknown commentator on the radio talking about why America is heading in a downward direction.

While I listened I could see myself giving that show because I know I have brought this up in previous postings on this blog. He said the root cause for most if not all our problems was the lack of morality in people today. One basic example he gave was that because we know it is immoral lets say to cheat a man out of money we do not do that. An immoral person would not hesitate to cheat or steal and would not feel badly doing so. Take that to the government level a politician who is immoral has no problem passing or voting bad laws that would benefit only certain people or business. He does this because he will gain somehow from these actions. It may be financially or maybe support of some other nature, irregardless he does not see his actions as being immoral because he has no basis for morality.

Ancient Rome was just like the US. At it’s height it was ‘the’ world power, it could do no wrong. But as it slipped into deprivation and immorality it too began it’s decline to a third world power. But where does morality originate? In almost all it is a learned trait. For some we only learn it from our parents by observing there actions. They may never use the word morality but by showing the children the ‘fair’ way to interact with others they are teaching morality. For others they are taught morality through there religion. They were taught that God wants us to act fairly (morally) to all other people. That to cheat or harm a person was acting against God’s will and was wrong.

In this day and age with many more children being brought up by one parent and that parent having to work and be absent for most of the day there is less of a parenting role model showing the children about morality and what is right and what is wrong. With this you add our children’s school removing of ‘any’ form of prayer, discussion or display of religion. Then they also see how our government is removing all mention or belief in God from any public building, and you have no moral foundation for our children. Quite the opposite to morality is reinforced when you look at what are children see on TV or movies and the internet.

We should not be surprised at the state of our country today considering how today’s representatives and leaders were brought up. When they were young there parents lived in an age with the motto (if it feels good do it), and showed them by example that morality was for looser’s and to grab what you could for yourself. By looking at the total lack of morality and common sense that now guides our nation I believe our chickens have come home to roost.

What is worse I see no way out of this fall of society. I am concerned for my children and grandchildren’s future but have no answers. However like in all things when we are burdened by pain or heartbreak one answer remains…prayer

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  1. Jon permalink
    July 10, 2012 8:56 pm

    I sat & read this posting & then sat & stared at the words in deep thought & though I have nothing to add, you have hit the nail on the head on all 4 corners once again, especially the mention of the Roman empire.


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