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Moose nuggets…#2

June 26, 2012
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As you sit down in your favorite restaurant or get ready for a backyard BBQ and your focus is on that Salmon steak that is making your mouth water, please remember that people in Alaska are being fined and there catches confiscated for harvesting Salmon for food. It made the newspapers when it happened but now these same conditions are developing in other areas of the state. A spot that I have fished a couple times for ‘Reds’, Chitna was closed this past weekend to subsistence fishing. Of course for us living in or near a city we can just go to a supermarket, but those living in Western Alaska who primarily depend on the salmon for there winter meals must buy there food at a small local stores where the food is flown in and prices are very high.

Maybe we can ask the mega-sized fishing trawlers that haunt our shores, near the mouth of our rivers , just outside the international boundary to reduce the size of there catch. These Alaskan natives are not looking to gain financially from there fishing, they only want to feed themselves and there families.

God and country, those words may soon be a part of history. First it was removing the word “God” from the Lee Greenwood song, ‘God bless the USA’. Then the supreme court declined to hear a case,
Johnson vs. Poway Unified School District, where the teacher was denied the right to display patriotic and faith themed posters, and now the US Air Force is removing the word “God” from the logo/motto of the Rapid capabilities office.

Have these people even read the words in the constitution regarding religion? IT states that the government will not ( establish ) any religion. It does not say anything about persecution of people for displaying or talking about God.

Driving around or fishing a stream here in Alaska it is not uncommon to run into bears. In fact on my first trip to Alaska to produce an Alaskan outdoors program after changing a flat tire and I looked up an enormous black bear was laying in front of my SUV. One time I was too absorbed taking some pictures of a mountain and when I looked down a grizzly was walking the banks of the stream in front of me. I say this because there are some places that a bear would indeed be out of place, case in point a swimming pool in New Jersey.

I sure hope he didn’t try and drink the water…

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  1. Rosalyn permalink
    June 27, 2012 1:38 pm

    Chitina isn’t open to us as a subsistence fishery, it is open as a personal use fishery.


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