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Ice cream is ice cream…

June 23, 2012

I should have expected it but it still was a surprise when he did it. President oboma’s opponent Mr. Milk toast came out yesterday in front of the Latino congress meeting in Florida and dove off the conservative wagon into the deep end. First I don’t know why he would reverse his illegal immigration stand the position he took wasn’t anything draconian just a backing of the laws already on the books. Maybe he doesn’t realize that he can never hope to win the Latino vote. This new position will only loose him votes from those who want the immigration laws upheld, not changed. Right now come November it is getting to be harder to vote for ‘the other guy’ (aka anyone but oboma). While both of them are not on the same page it seems they are reading the same campaign book.

Is it racist to want people coming to this country, to live and work, to follow the rules? If it is maybe I am a racist but if millions of people have for many decades immigrated to America and they had to follow the rules are we not saying to them that they were stupid for doing so?

I wonder how hard it is to move to New Zealand?

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  1. kara permalink
    June 23, 2012 4:56 pm

    romney is just a white version of obama,, so no matter which one we get it’ll be the same shit as before we had a good one but he dropped out becuz of scandal,,,, i really believe that herman cain would have been better than either of the choices we have,,


  2. Jon permalink
    June 23, 2012 9:42 pm

    Got to agree with you Kara. My pick was Cain, too. What’s worse is our former gov. Pawlenty has moved into a top spot for his vp pick. Tim started out pretty conservative but has gone moderate over the years. Not my pick the last time he served here in Mn.
    Funny coincidence how those “victims” of Cain’s disappeared as soon as he resigned. Coincidence my ass. Just more useful idiots of Obama’s. Probably OWS people which I call OUI (Obama’s useful idiots) or Hitler’s brown shirts take your pick.


  3. June 24, 2012 2:51 pm

    Seems like at least a couple of those women worked for the current administration in one capacity or another. Gee, what a surprise.


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